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» »Unlabelled » Public Apology to MB Life Insurance Corporation

Saturday, August 26, 2017 0

I would like to Publicly Apologize for the blogpost posted last week about the Manila Bankers Life Insurance Company. It is not my purpose to malign the company's name as what I have written on the blogpost. As I clearly stated that MB Life is a legitimate company and that "I cannot say anything wrong with what they were doing with me during that day while I was transacting with them." I apologize if my blogpost sounded that I was trying to put the company's name down, I didn't put MB Life's name down, I just wrote about the experience from the time they call and when I claimed the rewards that they told me about. I did also wrote that I just wanted to warn the people in Cagayan de Oro about unsolicited calls and promos from any other companies they didn't even have transactions with prior to the calls and or winning such prizes, and also about handling their Credit Cards and ATM to any person, because I myself was a victim of those people in the mall who approached you and ask if you have credit cards in exchange for some rewards.  Even SM Department Store has this policy that whenever a customer pays thru credit card, it should be the owner of the card who will swipe it to the electronic payment terminal and not the cashier.

I am sorry if the said blogpost caused MB Life Insurance name down. It is not my purpose.

I just wanted to tell "Mr. Marco Rameriz", whoever you are, I never used my landline number as my contact number to any bank partners you said. I always used my mobile number to all my bank accounts and the only thing that my landline number was in public is because it was posted on the PLDT Phonebook. I rarely use it for calls because the only reason we have the landline was just for the INTERNET connection, it was just added as a bundle of the subscription. I know as an Online Marketer myself that you might have some quota to catch for the deadline and I understand the pressure of catching up quotas. So, I suggest next time, Mr. Rameriz, it is unlawful for any person, to use any telephone facsimile machine or other electronic devices to send any unsolicited advertisement to the telephone. You can reach more potential customers in some other ways, you can try social media marketing, if done right it is more effective than telemarketing nowadays. Customers have the right to privacy from unwanted calls and text messages inducing purchase of goods and services, and solicitations, so make sure to respect also the rights of the customers.

To MB Life Insurance, I apologize for what causes of the previous post I published. I AM SORRY. Once again, it is not my purpose to malign the company's name.

To the public/readers of this blog, I am sorry if it caused you to distrust MB Life with my blogpost. MB Life is a legitimate insurance company, I never said anything bad about the company for anyone to distrust its services and product offerings. You can get insurance policy from them if you wanted to and it is not a problem. MB Life Insurance Corporation is a life insurance company based in Makati City, Philippines, duly recognized and authorized by the Philippine Insurance Commission. The company offers a wide array of new and innovative life insurance products, catering to the needs of individuals and groups. The company creates customized life insurance packages based on the requirement of its major and significant customers.  Since 1967, MB Life Insurance has continued to serve the Filipino people from Luzon to the Visayas and Mindanao area.

I promise to the public readers of this blog that next time that whenever I posts something similar, I will make sure to state clearly about the issue, without vague messages that might misinterpret into something I don't mean to convey to the readers of this blog.

Thank you and have a pleasant day to all.


Below are the screenshots of my previous blogpost that has already been deleted for your REFERENCE only.

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