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» » » » SM CDO Downtown Premier’s 5th Level is now OPEN!

Thursday, June 08, 2017 0

SM CDO Downtown Premier’s 5th Level is now open to the public. The SM CDO Downtown’s 5th Level is dedicated to mostly CDO’s homegrown restaurants, so you will surely be experiencing Cagay-anon's cuisines, but not limited to that because each resto has a unique dish and style.

So if you happen to visit the 5th level of SM CDO Downtown Premier, check out the following restos:

Bingsoo Corner

Salo-salo by Panagatan

The Hungry Plate

 Ribs & Bibs

Fat Monk

Spicy Elements

Chez Marie & Hanabel’s Bakery & Café



Mandarin Tea Garden

The alfresco area is not yet open and maybe still under construction, so let’s just enjoy this view of the garden at the 5th floor.

UPDATE: We talked to an SM representative and they confirmed that there will be no Alfresco Restaurant on the 5th Level as what we saw on the previous blueprint that was posted online. Its just a Sky Park/Garden.

Or enjoy these work of arts by local artists in CDO.

 ...and before you went upstairs, check out these 2 live manikins holding a menu.

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