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Do you know that there's a bit of Japan happening here in CDO as the summer starts?

Yes! because few years ago, the city government of Cagayan de Oro planted few Cherry Blossom trees along Kauswagan highway, in a hope that someday when those trees starts to blossom in season, the national highway from Kauswagan going to Bulua will be as colorful as pink!

Right now, those Cherry Blossom trees are adding colors along the highway, you can see on the video posted by Mr. Kristoffer Longasa embedded below that the center island of the Kauswagan and Bulua Highway are blooming with pink cherry blossoms.

See it for yourself when you pass by the Kauswagan and Bulua Highway. As what we have heard few years ago, the project of planting Cherry Blossoms along the highway was all the way to some western municipalities of Misamis Oriental (Opol to Initao). We still have to gather some information about that, if those trees survived in the area, since recently there are road widening happened on those areas and some of the cherry blossom trees where being cut down as the result of the road widening project.
Seven Seas Birthday Blowout Promo Poster
In spite of the issues about the litigation of the property of Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort, they are not closing their gates for everyone. In fact they have just posted on their Facebook page the following statement with a contest as a welcoming gift:

And!!! What's more exciting is that, they are offering a Birthday Promo for all birthday celebrants of the month of April and May 2018. (***Not until December as what we have posted yesterday)

For example this month of April, all April birthday celebrants get free entrance at Seven Seas! Just bring 3 regular paying guests and a valid government issued ID with picture and birth certificate to avail. You can only avail during your birth month.

To avail the promo:

* Celebrant must be accompanied by (3) regular paying guests.
* Guests can be a combination of: ADULTS, KIDS under 4ft but above 3ft, SENIOR CITIZENS & PWDs.
* Celebrant must present an ORIGINAL & VALID government-issued ID with picture & birthdate at the counter.
* Promo Period: April 23 - May 31, 2018, except Public Holidays.
* Block off date: April 30, 2018
* See posters for full mechanics and details.

Per DTI - MOR - X - 066 - Series of 2018

Isn't that so exciting? What are you waiting for? Birthday mo ba this month? Then take yer mates and march down to the Seven Seas with 3 regular paying guests and sagot na ni Capt. Oliver ang entrance mo and be ready to discover the attractions of Seven Seas Waterpark!

For more info, you may contact Seven Seas Waterpark at 0917 677 7667
Or check out their facebooke page at:
They said, that the head of the giant fish "ORO" is located somewhere in St. Augustine Cathedral and the tail is in Macabalan area where the Oro Port is located. And everytime there is an earthquake, they just said that the Oro or Giant fish just moved which causes an earthquake.


No!!! It is not true that the ORO has been found. It is just a tale, a myth that most native Cagay-anons has been telling to thier kids.

If you came here from our facebook page's post, then Congratulations! You passed the test. You are a genuine reader.

We made this post as an experiment, because we just want to check if people really read articles first, before reacting to any facebook posts. Most people on FB loves to react by commenting their ideas or sharing posts. The problem is, they only read headlines and their reactions will go somewhere else without even reading the article or source of the news/headline.

Just like what we have posted yesterday about the Waterpark's Property Litigation. Our headline is in a question form and not a statement, but most of the people who commented and shared it came in to a conclusion that it will surely be closing down anytime soon - WITHOUT READING THE ARTICLE. Some even commented it as 'FAKE NEWS'.

On a study, more than 60 percent of the people on Facebook will share, comment, react on the posts without even reading the whole article. The nature of modern online interactions is a bit superficial.

We’ve all been guilty of sharing an article we haven’t actually read—or at least not all the way through—but few of us have attempted to quantify or consider the ramifications of this effect.

A study posted on said that, 59 percent of all links shared on social networks aren’t actually clicked on at all, implying the majority of article shares aren’t based on actual reading. People are sharing articles without ever getting past the headlines. So why is this the case—isn’t the body of an article supposed to be the most important part? What does this mean for our society?

Barangay Elections in the Philippines is getting nearer and the politicians will surely be using Social Media like Facebook in particular to campaign for their candidacy. We in CDOToday would like to remind the people to read, investigate and research before reacting, sharing, commenting to any Facebook posts.

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” ― Fran Lebowitz

Thank you for taking time to read.

Have a great day!
1A Express Hotel's Guests and Walk-in Customers are enjoying the Breakfast Buffet last Saturday morning
Last year, we posted about the affordable newest Business Hotel in CDO - 1A Express Hotel.

It is a good hotel for business travelers in CDO. They have 25 rooms with minimalist design and colors, it is spacious with sleek design and you’ll love the headboard because it has a nice and unique design. Well, you can read all the details on our previous post HERE.

The CDOToday team visited the hotel again last weekend, we found out their newest offer to their guests and the public. You will love it because... They now have BREAKFAST BUFFET! and it is open to everyone! Everyone, we mean that the breakfast buffet is not limited to the hotel guests only, just like any other 5-star hotel that offers breakfast buffet but they are only limited to the hotel guests.

1A Express Hotel breakfast buffet
With 1A Express Hotel breakfast buffet, whether you are a hotel guest or a walk-in customer, you are always welcome to dig-in, to have a full breakfast that you want, eat-all-you-can style! For hotel guests, it comes with your hotel accomodation, FREE. But with the walk-in customers, for as low as 350 pesos, you can now have an eat-all-you-can breakfast buffet at 1A Express Hotel, opens daily from 6:00AM to 10:00AM at the hotel's Breakfast Hall.

They are located along C.M. Recto Avenue, the location is also a walking distance from major malls and shopping centers such as the Ayala Centrio Mall, Gaisano City, and SM CDO Downtown Premier, the largest mall in Mindanao.

For more info, check out their website at
Call them at: 0917 670 1239
Like them on FB for latest updates and promos:

Seven Seas Waterpark property is under litigation
"Seven Seas Waterpark property is under litigation because according to DENR, Seven Seas Water Park and Resort in Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental, is sitting on an area that is classified as timberland, officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said in a round-table discussion Friday, April 13." - Sunstar

According to "timberland" means - land covered with timber-producing forests. Then, how come it is classified now as Timberland, when in fact that area was a marshland for a long time? Fishpond are all over that place before a diversion road or national highway was built.

Anyway, it is DENR, so let them do their job. If it is really what it is, then so be it. But in this modern world, that area no matter what the classifications are will somehow soon become a modern area. Buildings will soon be rising around that area and the timberland or marshland classification will be forgotten because of the structures being built along the highway on that area.

The issue
According to Sunstar report:
"Lawyer Florenda Lamasaon-Yap, chief of DENR-Northern Mindanao's legal division, said its office has an ongoing legal battle against UC-1 Corporation, the owner and operator of Seven Seas Water Park and Resort, and also against LS Properties, the 20-hectare property’s previous owner.

Lamason-Yap said they are seeking the cancellation of the land title of the 20-hectare property that UC-1 acquired from LS Properties in 2010. LS Properties reportedly owns the 50 hectares land in Barra, Opol town."

Why now?
The Seven Seas Waterpark structure is already there, how come DENR was so late to make such decision? Why not during the construction and applying for permits?

Lawyer Jan Elson Orquillas of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office-Misamis Oriental also disclosed that a temporary restraining order had been issued by the Court of Appeals (CA) in relation to the property. It was issued last January 19, 2018 and was in effect for 60 days.

Anyway, the structure is already operating. Somehow, it helps the tourism industry of the region and made employment to hundreds of locals in the area. The benefits of Seven Seas Waterpark economically has been felt by the local government and its residents.

What is Litigation?
Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right. Litigation is typically settled by agreement between the parties, but may also be heard and decided by a jury or judge in court.

Contrary to popular belief, litigation is not simply another name for a lawsuit. Litigation includes any number of activities before, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right. In addition to the actual lawsuit, pre-suit negotiations, arbitrations, facilitations and appeals may also be part of the litigation process. (source)

Settlements and Amendments?
Maybe they can weigh-in the situation to check which is more beneficial to everybody and of course the safety of the public should always be a priority. If the structure of Seven Seas Waterpark will somehow a threat to the safety of the people, then DENR has something to say about that, but if the structure doesn't harm the people in anyway, then  amendments and settlements will always be an option for the benefits of both parties.

Hope it won't end!
We just hope that a project as beautiful as Seven Seas Waterpark won't cease just like what happened to the short-lived "Wet Adventure Park" in the 90's in CDO. Because people want more theme parks in the region, so that we don't have to go to Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan just to enjoy with our families.

Don't be sad, Seven Seas Waterpark won't be closing so SOON.
Seven Seas Waterpark as of this writing is not stopping its operation. The property is under litigation but they are still in operation. It will now depend on the decisions of the court after the proceedings.

Engineer Elpidio Paras, president of UC-1 Corporation, said they are leaving the matter for the court to decide. “We were not invited, so I have no comment except the matter is for the courts to decide at the proper time and venue. As far as we are concerned, we have a judicial title which was acquired in a legal and proper way. The others who lay claim to it do not have any rights as far as we are concerned,” Paras said in a text message. (Sunstar)

Photo: Alviera, an Industrial Park in Porac, Pampanga jointly developed by Ayala Land, Inc.
Ayala Land’s Prime Orion will be Launching a 100-hectare Industrial Park in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental in June 2018

Industrial estate developer Prime Orion Philippines Inc. is developing two more industrial parks by the first quarter of 2019, banking on the growth prospects in manufacturing and logistics.

“We are targeting to have two more industrial parks by the first quarter of next year,” Prime Orion president Maria Rowena Manhit-Tomeldan told reporters on the sidelines of the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting in Makati City on Thursday.

“Our business model is historically ... What we do is we get an initial phase and normally we expand. So 60 hectares, it can expand to 200 hectares, depending on the demand,” Avila said.

The company intends to seize opportunities for its logistics business in Cagayan de Oro as the place has seaports and an airport.

Source: GMA News 

27th Hog Convention

The Producers Federations of the Philippines (ProPork) and National Federation of Hog Farmers held the 27th Hog Convention started yesterday, April 12-14, 2018 at the Atrium, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City.

You can still visit them today and tomorrow. Join the seminar and get a chance to win one of the Samsung phone they were giving away to participants.