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Announcement to all drivers in Cagayan de Oro City and Region 10.

LTO Region 10 just released a Press Release Re: traffic advisory on Anti-Over Speeding Operation

They will conduct an educational campaign regarding the implementation of Speed Limit to at least lessen the vehicular accidents on the roads.

LTO personnel will be using the Speed Gun to monitor the speeds of all running vehicles. They will conduct a dry run first for certain period just to educate everyone on the new implementation of speed limit. After the dry run, they will strictly be implementing the anti-overspeeding operation on June 4, 2018 and all drivers must abide on the said traffic rules or will be fined accordingly based on the current reckless driving offenses.

First offense - Php 2,000
Second offense - Php 3,000
Subsequent offense - Php 10,000

In addition, the driver's license shall be suspended for a period of three (3) months for the second offense and six (6) months for the third offense from payment of the fine and revocation of driver's license on the succeeding offense.

A revoked non-professional driver shall be disqualified from being granted a driver's license for a period of two (2) years counted from date of revocation.

A revoked professional driver shall be perpetually disqualified from getting any driver's license.

Speed Limit and Keeping to the Right

SEC. 35. Restriction as to speed 

(a) Any person driving a motor vehicleon a highway shall drive the same at a careful and prudent speed, not greater nor less than is reasonable and proper, having due regard for the traffic, the width of the highway, and of any other condition then and there existing; and no person shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway at such a speed as to endanger the life, limb and property of any person, nor at a speed greater than will permit him to bring the vehicle to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead.

(b) Subject to the provisions of the preceeding paragraph, the rate of speed of any vehicle shall not exceed the following:


1. On open country roads, with no "blind corners" not closely bordered by habitations

Passenger Cars and Motorcycles : 80 km/h
Motor trucks and Buses : 50 km/h

2. On through "streets" or boulevards clear of traffic, with no "blind corners," when so designated.

Passenger Cars and Motorcycles : 40 km/h
Motor trucks and Buses : 30 km/h

3. On city and municipal streets, with light traffic, when not designated "through streets."

Passenger Cars and Motorcycles : 30 km/h
Motor trucks and Buses : 30 km/h

4. Through crowded streets, approaching intersections at blind corners, passing school zones, passing other vehicles which are stationary, or for similar dangerous circumstances.

Passenger Cars and Motorcycles : 20 km/h
Motor trucks and Buses : 20 km/h



(LTO 10 Traffic Advisory on Anti-Over Speeding Operation)
(Press Release: May 25, 2018)

Gipahibalo ang publiko nga ang Land Transportation Office, Rehiyon 10 magapahigayon ug kampanya pang edukasyon (Educational Campaign) diha sa atong kadalanan kabahin sa implementasyon sa mga limitasyon sa ka kusgon sa pagpadagan sa sakyanan (SPEED LIMIT).

Kini alayon sa gihingusgang program arun makunhuran ang mga aksidente sa atong kadalanan nga sagad maoy resulta sa kusog nga pagpadagan sa mga sakyanan subra sa gitakda nga speed limit.

Ang atong mga motorista ug mga tigmaneho ug sakyanan gipasabot nga ang atong mga personahe sa LTO 10 mogamit ug Speed Gun ug magpahimangno sa mga nagpadagan subra sa speed limit nga mahimo silang dakpon sa sunod nga higayon kun mahuman na kining kasamtangan natong pagpahigayon sa educational campaign o dry run sa anti-overspeeding operation.

Ang lokal nga panggamhanan sa Cagayan de Oro City pinaagi sa Road and Traffic Administration (RTA), inabagan usab sa Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH 10) ug uban ang mga local ngapanggamhanan (LGUs) ug ahensya sa gobyerno local ug national milambigit niining maong program.

Dunay gi mugna nga Technical Working Group (TWG) kalabot niini nga katuyuan arun pagtutok sa mga kadalanan alang sa pagsuta sa klasipikasyon niini alang sa tukma nga kakusgon sa sakyanan diin unya ipahimutang ang mga karatula sa speed limit nga sarang sundon sa atong mga drivers o motorista.

Ang adlaw sa paglusad sa maong kalihukan (Launching Day) sa anti-overspeeding operation gitakda karung Hunyo 4, 2018. Ang adlaw sa pormal nga implementasyon niining anti-overspeeding operation ipahigayon dayon human sa pagpahimutang sa mga speed limit signs. Kini atong ipahibalo sa radio, peryodiko ug telebisyon alang sa kasayuran sa tanan.

Ferdinand C. Flores
Regional Information Officer

Approved by:

Oscar S. Salcedo
Regional Director

Cagayan de Oro's Homegrown artisan ice cream is now open at the ground floor of Centrio Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. They are previously the famous Freezie Ice Cream and was relaunched last May 12, 2018 as Moonsky & Sunny - a more innovative, catchy and playful name.

Together with their launching, they also added more flavors on their existing Ice Cream flavors, the Tea-Mangosaurus-Rex, seeped to perfection in the finest black tea, and Amaretti e Varonnica, infused with Italian almond-flavored liqueur.

Not only that, since they are now "Moonsky & Sunny" they are now serving refreshing drinks with the following flavors such as strawberry with calamansi and pineapple with ginger.

Since it's still summer, it is perfect to grab some yummy flavors of Moonsky & Sunny's Ice Cream at Centrio Ayala Mall now.

Carlo Paalam
Cagayan de Oro City’s boxing pride and RP national team member Carlo Paalam outsmarted his Korean opponent, a 2014 Asian Games gold medalist, to capture the gold medal during yesterday’s championship bout in the 2018 World Series Boxing in Russia.

Paalam made his way to the top after defeating the top bet of Russia Team A in the quarterfinals, 5-0, and outboxed another Korean boxer in the semifinals, 4-1.

Team CdeO boxing head coach Elmer Pamisa attributed Paalam’s success in his overseas campaign to the sustainable grassroots amateur boxing development program of Mayor Oscar Moreno which already produced top caliber, world-class boxers of the country.

(IAF-CIO/photos courtesy of coach Elmer Pamisa) via Cagayan de Oro Facebook Page
Trono sa Oro VIII: Hiphop x Rap Battle x Band Collaboration x Free style x Pass the mic x Cagayan de oro City x 99 Ranch See y'all!

Hosted by: Mic Ill

With local artist such as:
Alien Boys
Kris Change
Young Anne
Icon Latino
Cygni Sirius x Arksin
and a lot more...

It's gonna be Try outs, freestyle and open mic.

Tara! bira mga doods!

May 18, 2018, Friday at 10:00PM
Venue: 99 Ranch along Tomas Saco 8th Street, Nazareth, CDO
Entrance Fee: P40.00
Nezda Technologies Inc Job Caravan in CDO

Catch Nezda Technologies Inc. on May 17-18, 2018 from 10am to 5pm at 3F Red Planet Hotel - CM Recto Ave., Cagayan De Oro City for a 2-day recruitment activity!

High school and fresh graduates are welcome to apply! Bring your friends! The more, the merrier!

Meals and refreshments will be served to all applicants.

About Nezda Technologies Inc.

Nezda - Established in 2014 with 2 offices world-wide, at present we are catering for the needs of our 200+ global clients and strategic workforce requirement. Nezda is now emerging as Philippines’s most promising permanent recruitment company with multiple offices and 300+ core employees. The company started with Permanent Placement Services and now expanded its portfolio to Training services.

Our client-centric model provides focus, commitment and a dedicated team to help our clients achieve their business objectives. For candidates, we offer an enriching experience that promotes career growth and lifelong learning.
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1. There are three age groups that will be voting in the #BSKE2018:
(A)those who are 15-17 y/o – who will be voting exclusively for the Sangguniang Kabataan elections;
(B) those who are 18-30 y/o – who will be voting for both the Barangay AND Sangguniang Kabataan elections;
(C) and those who are 31 years old and up, who will be voting exclusive for the Barangay elections.

2. The 15-17 year old voters will only have ONE ballot – the SK ballot; the 18-30 year old voters will use BOTH the Barangay ballot AND the SK ballot; the 31 years old and up voters will use only the Barangay ballot.

3. The SK ballot is clearly marked with the words “Sangguniang Kabataan” in red ink;

4. The Barangay ballots bound for Mindanao will feature Arabic translations.

5. All ballots bound for Mindanao will be dated “May 14, 2018.”

6. All other ballots, i.e., for use outside of Mindanao, will be dated “October 23, 2017“

7. The ballots will have the name of the position being contested, followed by the number of spaces corresponding to the number of slots for that position. So, for the position of Barangay Chairman, there will be ONE space; for the position of Kagawad, there will be SEVEN.

8. The #BSKE2018 will be a fully manual elections – vote counting machines will NOT be used.

9. Candidates can only run for ONE position. For example, a twenty-year old person CAN run under either the SK or Barangay elections, but CANNOT run for for positions in BOTH the SK and Barangay elections.

10. Only the names that are written by the voter on these slots can be counted as valid votes; the rest may be considered over-votes and stray.

11. The presence of over-votes will not automatically invalidate a ballot, unless the Board of Election Tellers determine that they constitute ballot marking; marked ballots will be invalidated.

12. Ballots are considered “marked” when they feature writing, symbols, or other indications that allow them to be identified. Marked ballots are considered a violation of the secrecy of the ballot.

13. Voters should take care to write legibly.

14. Voters should take care to write the names of their choices as they appear on the Official List of Candidates. Otherwise, those votes may be contested.

15. THE EQUITY OF THE INCUMBENT – when the voter writes only the surname of the candidate, and there are two or more candidates with same surname, and one of the candidates is an incumbent, that vote automatically gets credited to the incumbent.

16. Example of Equity of the Incumbent – The voter writes “Cruz” on the ballot; there are three candidates with the same surname: Adeline Cruz, Boyet Cruz, and Carlo Cruz, and Adelina Cruz is an incumbent. The vote is automatically counted for Adeline Cruz, the incumbent.

17. Voters will not be allowed to take pictures of their filled-up ballot.

18. All candidates will be required to file Statements of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCEs).

19. SOCEs must contain, among other things, detailed accounts of contributions made to the campaign, copies of the appropriate acceptance documents pertaining to those contributions. This will include the value of facilities made available to the candidate for free, such as the use of vehicles.

20. The SOCE must include detailed lists of expenditures made for the campaign.

21. If the candidate claims not to have spent anything or received any donations, a “zero expenditure” SOCE must still be filed.

22. Filing a SOCE is required once a person has filed a certificate of candidacy; the SOCE is required even if the candidate claims not to have spent anything; it is required even from losing candidates.

23. The period for filing SOCEs ends on June 13, 2018.

24. Failure to file a SOCE may result in the winning candidate not being allowed to take office; repeat violations may result in disqualification from holding public office.

25. The spending limit for the #BSKE2018 is 5 pesos per voter in the barangay where the candidate is running for office. For Example: if Barangay X has 3,000 registered voters, then the spending cap for candidates running in Barangay X is 3,000 x 5 pesos, or 15,000 pesos.

26. In the same example, if neighbouring Barangay Y has 20,000 voters, then the spending cap for Barangay Y candidates will be 20,000 x 5 pesos, or 100,000 pesos.

27. Note that the spending limit is based on REGISTERED VOTERS, not population.

28. Campaign overspending may result in disqualification from holding office.

29. Candidates are encouraged to refrain from extravagant spending on the campaigns, even if they stay within the spending limit.

30. Printed materials must conform to the maximum sizes prescribed by the COMELEC – posters cannot be larger than 2’x3′.

31. Spelling out the name of a candidate with a series of posters, each measuring 2’x3′ (for example: one 2’x3′ poster for C, followed by another poster for R, and U, and Z) will not be allowed.

32. There will be Common Poster Areas. Posting propaganda materials outside of the common poster areas is prohibited.

33. Putting up posters on private property is allowed, PROVIDED that the property owner has given consent.

34. Using metal wire or steel nails to affix posters to trees and other plant life is prohibited.

35. Candidates are encouraged to use recycleable materials for their propaganda materials.

36. Candidates are encouraged to run “clean campaigns;” do not litter, properly dispose of empty water bottles, styrofoam food packs, plastic bags and similar.

37. The use of social media for campaigning is currently allowed. Any expenditures incurred in relation to the use of social media for campaigning (for example: sponsored Facebook posts) must be reported; production costs for campaign videos must also be reported.

38. The period for filing Certificates of Candidacy will begin on April 14, 2018. The period will end on April 20, 2018.

39. The GUN BAN commences on April 14, 2018 and will run until May 21, 2018.

40. A Liquor Ban will be enforced.

41. Campaigning and other partisan political behaviour and activities are strictly prohibited in the polling centers and polling places.

42. Campaigning and other partisan political behaviour and activities are strictly prohibited in the polling centers and polling places.

43. Wearing campaign t-shirts, caps, and the like at the polling centre and polling place will be considered partisan political behaviour.

44. Handing out flyers and sample ballots within the polling centre and polling place will also be considered partisan political behaviour.

45. Candidates and barangay officials should not loiter in the polling centre and polling place. Once they have cast their ballots, they should leave.

46. Barangay officials should NOT interfere in the conduct of elections; this includes pressuring Boards of Election Tellers to allow certain people to vote.

47. The giving of free transportation (hakot) to the polling centre or polling place is prohibited. This applies even if the free transportation is given in the guise of a “barangay service.”

48. Regular voting hours are from 7AM to 3PM.

49. If, at 3PM voters are already in line to vote, or are otherwise already within 30 meters of the polling place, they will be given the chance to cast their ballots even beyond 3PM.

50. Vote counting will begin after the close of voting. Depending on a variety of factors, including the size of the barangay, counting may last until midnight of election day or even beyond.