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Monday, October 21, 2019

Suki Desu Now in CDO - Modern Japanese Street Dining That You Will Surely Like!

Ramen, Gyoza, Tempura, Gyudon, Karaage, Sushi, Torikatsu, Katsudon and a lot more! These are just a few Japanese Cuisine that Suki Desu Modern Japanese Street Diner offers here in Cagayan de Oro City.

Suki Desu (すきです) pronounce as "Ski Des" is a Japanese phrase means 'I Like It'. You will really like it here because it is very affordable and the foods are indeed having this authentic distinct taste of delicious Japanese cuisine. They are originally started in Davao City, that is why some of their menus are named after President Duterte, Bong Go and Mt. Apo.

It is our honor to be invited at the Bloggers Night at Suki Desu before their soft opening together with some most-followed Bloggers and Vloggers in CDO like Katawa CDO, Kagay-an (Festival), Juanderful Kagayan, Mindo PH, Ton Escol, Shari Lapiz and a lot more. One thing that we can comment on our first bite at Suki Desu cuisine was "truly a taste of delicious Japanese cuisine." Words cannot describe how authentic Suki Desu cuisines are, so we urge everyone to give it a try and we are sure that you can say "Suki Desu" or in English "I like it!"

You might wonder why they are so affordable and still managed to somehow bring out the Authentic Japanese cuisine taste. Well, one of the owners said that they want to provide quality and Japanese cuisine taste to a wide audience without having to charge a higher price.

Suki Desu is still on soft opening but on the first day, the place was jam-packed with Japanese Cuisine enthusiasts and they "Suki Desu"! As of now, they only serve Dinner from 5:00PM until 12:00 Midnight. But sooner or later, they will serve Lunch Time from 11:00AM til 2:00PM but that is still to be announced.

Suki Desu is located at Sports Zone along Tomas Saco Street, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City. You will recognize Suki Desu when you enter the gate at Sports Zone because their place was decorated with some Japanese Lanterns and distinct red and black colors.

So what are you waiting for? Have a taste of Japan in the City of Golden Friendship with Suki Desu - a Modern Japanese Street Dining.

Check out some photos of the scrumptious Suki Desu Japanese foods we have tried below:

Monday, October 14, 2019

7 Best Food Parks in Cagayan de Oro City – Where to Eat in CDO?

Fooooodssssss! The basic needs of every person - whether you are a local to the place or a tourist. Choosing where to eat, is also the basic problem of everyone, whenever we get together or we visit a place as a tourist, we tend to ask ourselves this basic question and mostly very hard to answer… "Where are we going to eat?"

Most of us aren't fond of dining at a fancy restaurant, if you are a traveller or tourist, you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on fancy things while on travel. That is why food courts are the best choices of travellers, visitors and even locals in certain places like Cagayan de Oro. They tend to look for something local at a very affordable price. While in Cagayan de Oro, these local dishes of CDO are a must-try of tourists and locals alike: Sinuglaw (Kinilaw and Sinugba), Remember Me, Humba ni Aling Violy, Sikwate and Puto Maya, Chicken Barbecue, Pork Barbecue, Tinolang Manok and a lot more. The problem is, you can’t just order or find these foods in just one restaurant. So, the best choice if you want to explore the foods of Cagayan de Oro, is through Food Parks or Food Courts!  In Singapore, it is called Hawker Centre. A hawker centre or cooked food centre is an open-air complex housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive food.

Here in the City of Golden Friendship, a number of food parks can be found around the city with a good number of food stalls that you shouldn’t miss and they keep on expanding. So, we are listing few of the must-visit food tents while you are here in the city of golden friendship.

The Hive Food Park – As of this writing, it is the biggest food park here in the city. Located at Rosario Strip in Limketkai Center - a 1,600-square meter area with 30 to 35 establishments that sell food and beverages. It is a secured place with security guard and bomb sniff dogs on standby. Being the biggest food park in the city so far, you can find all the must-try local foods here, offering foodies a full range of local dishes from Barbecues, Rice toppings, seafoods, unli chicken wings, a wide selections of drinks and desserts at a very affordable prices!

Photo from: The Hive Food Park CDO FB Page

The Venue Food Park  (Tent Avenue Food Park) - located at Rodelsa Circle of Paseo del Rio in Cagayan de Oro City. The first known Food Park in Cagayan de Oro City, Kagay-anon foodies were frequent at this place when it started because they also offered a wide range of selections but the place is prone to flooding and after the typhoon Vinta ravaged the place, few tenants stopped their operations and transferred to other food parks. Tent Avenue still in operation and renamed it as The Venue Food Park it still offers good foods like Grilled Tuna Belly, Grilled Tuna Panga, Pork and Chicken Barbecue, Lechon kawali meals, Burgers, Snacks, desserts and a wide selection of drinks. Now, they added RTW Bazaar and Event Venue as part of their marketing to be known as the venue for events aside from the food parks, so their new tagline is Eat, Chill, Shop and Enjoy!

The Venue formerly The Tent Avenue
NIA RA JUD Bees Food Arcade – Located at Uptown Gran Via, corner Regatta Blvd Pubelo de Oro Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City, they are open from 4 PM to 12 midnight daily. If you are from the Uptown area, you don’t need to join the hustle and bustle in downtown Cagayan de Oro just to enjoy foods, because there’s a cozy place for foodies in the uptown area. You’ll love the Boodle Fight Haus that will surely be enjoyed with friends and family. There are also a lot of food selections that you can choose like Grilled Tuna Belly and Panga, pork, chicken and a wide selection of skewers barbecue. Lutong bahay dishes, Sinuglaw, vegetables, rice toppings, drinks, desserts and a lot more. They also have acoustic bands everynight and the ambiance of the place is cozy, personally, this is my favorite place everytime I want to dine with family and friends. Cozy and away from the busy streets of downtown area.
Photo by: Dave Achondo of Mindanao Goldstar Daily
Bintana Food Park – Just in front of NIA RA JUD Food Park is another cozy foodie place called “Bintana Food Park”.  Also offering almost the same with other food parks like skewers – Chicken and pork barbecue, Lechon Belly Meals, Crabs and Shrimps at Fat Crab where you can enjoy unlimited crabs for a very affordable price and a lot more selection of foods. But what we love here is the Kambingan sa Bintana, they serve a variety of kambing meals such as Adobong Kambing, Sweet n Sour, Caldereta, papaitan and so on. There’s also Beef House guaranteed meaty and delicious beef meals. Open daily from 3PM til 12 Midnight. This is also one of our favorite food park in the city because of the cozy atmosphere and food selections.

Photo from Bintana Food Park FB Page
Le Food Sentrale – Located at Don Apolinar Velez Street, corner Fernandez St, Cagayan de Oro City. Aside from foods, Le Food Sentrale is also a venue for drinkers. Although small, but you will find this place very accessible if you are in the city, especially in Divisoria area for a quick meal and drinks. Look for Hang Over Bar & Grill if you crave for Pork Sisig, Chicken halang-halang and pork Bopis, these are the best partners for beers. How about lechon belly, bagnet, Bulalo, Balbacua and batchoy? The selection is wide for foodies so, whenever you are in DV area, it doesn’t hurt to visit this place. If you are in for a drink or two, bring your inuman friends at Walwalan Station, they serve a variety of drinks from cold beers to hard drinks such as rhum, brandy, gin, etc.

Photo by: Walwalan Station FB Page
CTC StrEATS - Located inside Cagayan Town Center along Capt. Vicente Roa corner Antonio Luna Streets. It is just a small place with around 10 food stalls offering different foods. The newest food stall center in the city that offers unique and absolutely delicious local foods such as Ngohiong Stations Rice Meals, Native Lechon, Seafood Meals, Unli Chicken Wings, Pork and Chicken Barbecue, Pork Sisig Meals, Chicken Rice Meals and a lot more.

Photo from: CTC StrEATS FB Page
Metro Food Park – It is under construction as of this writing but will be open within this month (October 2019). The site is almost done and would probably be filled with a good number of food stalls. We cannot still write about the food they offer since they are still to open soon. They are located along CM Recto Avenue right beside Gaisano Mall Parking Lot annex. We are sure that this will be the must-visit food park in CDO soon, based on the size and the location, it will surely be the CDO Foodies destination.

Photo from
There you go!  Problem solved in finding where to eat. Most of the food parks we have listed here are affordable, so next time you head out to grab some foods with friends, have this list ready and your friends will surely thank you!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Envisioning a World Without Waste, One Bottle at a Time

By: Mark Bau

Coca-Cola Philippines brings its World Without Waste campaign to the shores of Siargao in collaboration with the local government unit—a partnership officially commemorated through a ceremonial pledge-signing on a surfboard made of recycled material.
The rise of plastic and single use packaging has been a major problem all over the world. Complicating matters further, is that the materials used stay in our environment for years to come, unable to decompose, compounding as years of undisciplined disposal go on, threatening the possibility of a sustainable ecosystem of provider and consumer.

Coca-Cola (and its many varied beverages) is as ubiquitous as products can get, but when your product gets as popular as Coke does, it’s not always going to be a pretty picture as thousands use and dispose packaging material at an all time high. Enter the Coca-Cola Company’s vision of a World Without Waste. Started in early 2018, the program aims to reshape its approach to packaging; from design and manufacturing, to the recycling and repurposing.

Over the years, the island of Siargao, has had a consistent increase in the flow of tourists who wish to bask in the Sun as they ride the waves of the Surfing Capital of the country. Although the booming tourism industry is more than welcome, what comes with it is the demand for improved waste management, better education to tourists and locals, and a complete reimagining of what sustainable tourism means.

Last Saturday, October 5, 2019, Coca Cola brought the World Without Waste to the Island of Siargao, through a partnership with its nine municipalities with the support of Cong. Bingo Matugas and the provincial government of Surigao del Norte headed by Gov. Francisco “Lalo” Matugas.

Speaking at the 25th Siargao’s International Surfing Cup, which served as a kick off point for the partnership of Coca-Cola and the Island of Siargao, Atty. Juan Lorenzo Tañada, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Director, shared the heart of World Without Waste program, and why Coca Cola invests so much into it:

This is because we understand, at the Coca-Cola company, we acknowledge that there is a problem that we have to face together. But we will not just sit by idly, and say that there is a problem and not do anything about it. So, we want to demonstrate our commitment and our resolve to ensure that our world, our planet, stays as habitable, as life sustaining as it can.

“We believe that sustainability, tourism, and business can go hand-in-hand when all parties from the private sector like Coca-Cola, us – your local public servants, and equally-passionate organizations and individuals work together toward a common vision. We all want to live in a World Without Waste, and I hope that that is a shared end goal that we can all help contribute towards reaching,” Mayor Cecilia Rusillon of General Luna Municipality added.

As a symbol of their partnership, Tañada, Mayor Cecilia Rusillon of the Municipality of General Luna in Siargao, and Congressman Francisco “Bingo” Matugas of the 1st district of Surigao del Norte signed a surfboard made from 100% recycled plastic installed at Cloud 9. The board serves as a constant reminder of everyone’s commitment to the cause of sustainable tourism.

A noticeable highlight as you stroll around Cloud 9 are colorful collection bins scattered along the beach. The bins serve as drop off points for anyone who wish to give plastic bottles another chance at life, as collected recyclable PET plastic bottles are turned over to the LGU’s local recycling partner for processing. As a display of the possibilities that may come when one properly disposes these recyclable plastic bottles, benches made from 100% recycled materials sit right beside the collection bins. Aside from benches, other products such as shirts, caps, and sunglasses all from recycled PET plastic bottles have also been made.

One of the nine benches made from 100% recycled bottles found in Cloud 9.

Some of the 24 Collection bins found all over Cloud 9 where people can drop off plastic bottles so they can be turned over for processing.
Aside from the Local Government, Coca-Cola has also made partnerships with a local group called the Sun Crew Siargao, a Coke Barkada Awardee, to impart the lessons of environmental awareness to the young people of the Island. The crew uses Surfing as the common ground of interest for kids and inspires them to stay in school.

Coke Barkada Awardee, The Sun Crew, granted with P30,000 personally awarded to (L-R) The Sun Crew Co-founder and Manager Wemar Bonono by Coca-Cola Philippines Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Director Atty. Juan Lorenzo Tañada.
As the World Without Waste campaign continues to make its mark in the country through more partnerships and an upcoming 1B-peso recycling facility from Coca Cola, the thought of a truly sustainable future doesn’t seem too far off.

Learn more at Coca-Cola Journey at

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sip a cup of great coffee with Great Taste White's new flavors

 Coffee lovers have more reasons to indulge in a delicious cup anytime and anywhere as Great Taste White offers its latest variants to delight the craving of avid coffee drinkers.

Whether it’s for starting the day right or for quick pick-me-ups in the middle of the day, the new Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema are bound to satisfy the busy and always on-the-go Filipino.

Fans of sweet and aromatic coffee can find themselves enjoying Great Taste White Caramel. It offers the perfect mix of roasted coffee and cream with hints of luscious caramel, blending a sweet linamnam for everyday coffee fix.

For a more flavorful and full-bodied coffee experience, Great Taste White Crema combines the real coffee taste with rich vanilla cream for a creamy linamnam that is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite latte.

These two new variants, and the original Great Taste White coffee mix, come in a fresh and attractive new packaging.

Singer and actress, Janella Salvador, joins Great Taste (White) as its newest ambassador in bringing amazing everyday experiences that start with great coffee. She shares, “I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this big family. It feels good to endorse a product you enjoy and personally, I love Great Taste White Caramel because it is sweet and creamy – just like how I prefer having my cup of coffee!”

A trailblazer in the instant coffee industry, Great Taste continues to brew new experiences for Filipinos – from being the first to introduce white coffee mix, first twin pack size, and first re-sealable pouch, among others.

Tikman ang sarap ng tamang timpla with Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema. These two new exciting variants come in 30g and 50g sachets, for only 6.05 (SRP) and 9.70 (SRP) respectively. Grab these in sari-sari stores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

Stay updated on Great Taste’s latest offerings by following Great Taste Coffee on Facebook (@GreatTasteCoffeePH) or visiting Universal Robina Corporation’s website at

Saturday, September 14, 2019

BUY 1 TAKE 1 and Up to 50% BIG Savings on S&R Members´ Treat on September 25-29, 2019

Good news to all S&R Members in Cagayan de Oro as S&R will once again be giving something special for their members with this year´s S&R Members´ Treat. Mark your calendars on September 25 to 29 because it is going to be a 5-day sale where lots of imported brand items on sale of up to 50% Off, BUY 1 TAKE 1 and Big Savers items on Sale.

This is not only for CDO Members but in all clubs/branches nationwide. So if you are not yet a member, don´t worry because you can signup a membership on the day and avail the Members´ Treat Sale at S&R. Membership Renewals may also be done at any checkout counters so, no need to fall in line at the Membership Counter for renewal, just go shopping and renew your expired membership when you are ready to pay your items.

Members can bring up to 3 non-members (Children ages 17 and below are not included)

So what are you waiting for, get ready for this special Members´ Treat at S&R and enjoy BIG SAVINGS! 

Check out some items that are on sale and buy 1 take 1 treats below:


But wait! S&R will also have an ONLINE GIVEAWAY for you, our solid followers here in Cagayan Today.

Here are the mechanics:

  1. Take a photo inside S&R Membership Warehouse and
  2. Tell us why you #LoveSNR, 
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  4. Include the hashtag #SNRMembersTreat2019CDO and #CDOToday for your entry to be monitored.
Contest Details:
  • Final Entry will be on September 23, 2019 (Monday)
  • Announcement of winner will be on September 24, 2019 (Tuesday)
  • 3 lucky winners will win P1,000 S&R EGC each.
  • Winners may claim their prize from the Membership Counter c/o Membership Supervisor (Look for Honey Kyler Cuer).
  • Claiming is within 30 days from the announcement. (October 23)
So, get your best selfies inside S&R and tell us the best reasons why you #LOVESNR on facebook and you might be the WINNER!

S&R Management Team together with CDOBloggers

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Silent Avenue - Silent Sanctuary and December Avenue Live in CDO

Silent Sanctuary and December Avenue Live in CDO
After the success of SILENT AVENUE CEBU, get ready Cagayan de Oro!!! Get your tickets before its gone…

Cagayan de Oro City will be filled with Love and Hope as the air will be filled with music of the two hottest bands in the country today!

Sadness will finally meet Hope as Silent Sactuary and December Avenue collaborates for this memorable concert of the year in the City of Golden Friendship!

This will be the largest HUGOT concert entitled Silent Avenue - Where Sadness and Hope Meets! Silent Sanctuary and December Avenue Live in CDO on November 15, 2019, Friday at the Atrium of Limketkai Center.

📌 SILENT AVENUE CDO - The SOLD OUT and LARGEST HUGOT Concert of the year!!!
▶️ Silent Sanctuary and December Avenue LIVE in CDO!!!
▶️ November 15, 2019 (Friday) at 8:00 PM
▶️ THE ATRIUM, Limketkai Center, Cagayan De Oro City

📌 Ticket Links:
📍 Via Eventbrite -
📍 Physical Ticket outlets will be posted soon…

📌 Regular Ticket Prices:
▶️ Bronze: ₱299 each
▶️ Silver: ₱499 each
▶️ Gold: ₱899 each
▶️ SVIP: ₱1,999 (Tickets Selling Very Fast / Limited Seats Only)

For Sponsorship and Food Concessionaire inquiries send us an email at

#SilentAvenue #SilentAvenueCDO #PioAngeloEvents #PAEM #PAEMlive #Hugot #HugotConcert #TeamPAEM #SilentSanctuary #DecemberAvenue

Monday, August 26, 2019

At Big Flat Bread, Size Matters - Dako, Lami ug Makahigugma nga Pizza!

Who said that size doesn't matter? When it comes to Pizza, everybody agrees that size really does matters!

Here in Cagayan de Oro City, BFB - Big Flat Bread got the biggest Pizza ever! They have a 30 inches Pizza!

Can you handle it? Well, aside from the size, you can also enjoy up to 4 flavors in one Big Flat Pizza for only 1, 659 pesos only!

But if you think you can't handle the biggest size pizza, no need to worry because you can still enjoy the goodness of the BFB Pizza with their smaller size yet big in toppings and flavor pizzas. They have 9 inches pizza for 249 pesos and 18 inches pizza for only 689 pesos.

You can enjoy these yummy and exciting pizza flavors at BFB such as:

The God Father (Best Seller) - The pizza to top all pizzas. The head of the pizza family with mini meatballs, bacon, ham, pepperoni, chicken, chi-plata and tons of fresh veggies.

Knickerbocker - For the love of New York, they bring you this classic pizza flavor, loaded only with pepperoni, cheese and garlic chips.

Tropical Adventure - Lots of pineapple and ham. In short, this is your amazing aloha Hawaiian Pizza!

Garlic & Cheese - Four gooey layers of cheese topped with roasted garlic chips.

Lechon Pizza - This is the Pinoy pizza that you all gonna love! A classic pinoy pizza topped with lechon bits and layered with creamy goodness cheese.

Hangover - You are going to get sober with this spicy hot pizza to wake you up from drinking blues. Topped with ham, bacon, bell peppers and chili peppers.

Southern Chicken - Hickory smoked chicken barbeque with onions, mushrooms and bell peppers.

I'm sure those 7 exciting and must-try pizza flavors that BFB offers are inviting, but wait! There's more! Big Flat Bread also serve "RICE MEALS"! Yeah! You read it right! They added some more offerings on their menu to satisfy the customers needs.

They have the following Rice Meals that you will surely love:

Bacon Chicken Wraps - Tender chicken breast wrapped in bacon and fried to golden perfection. Served with creamy cheese sauce.

Buffalo Chicken - The Big Flat version of the buffalo chicken, served with homemade garlic ranch dip.

Southern Style Fried Chicken - A Marinated Chicken in Louisiana style rub and then fried to golden perfection.

What's new at Big Flat Bread is their Barkada Meals! A meals that fits for your whole barkada. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or any regular occasion that you and your barkada shares, this is the best meal for everyone in your circle of friends.

Meal A for a small circle of friends. Good for 2-3 person for only 599 pesos you will have the following:

  • 1 Big Sized Pizza
  • 1 pasta
  • 1 Southern Fried Chicken w/ Spudster
  • 1 Pitcher Iced Tea

Meal B is good for a larger group of friends. Good for 5-7 person for only 1,249 pesos you will have the following:

  • 1 Bigger Sized Pizza
  • 1 Pasta Platter
  • 10 Pcs Southern Fried Chicken w/ Spudster
  • 2 Pitchers Iced Tea

But if you have a bigger circle of friends, then the Party Pack Meal is the right choice. Good for up to 12 person for only 2,299 pesos, you will have the following:

  • 1 Biggest Sized Pizza
  • 2 Pasta Platter
  • 10 pcs. Southern Fried Chicken
  • 2 Spudsters
  • 3 Pitchers Iced Tea
So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate it with your family and friends at Big Flat Bread! Because at BFB, size matters!

Check out this video for more details:

Big Flat Bread is located at Corrales Avenue, corner J. Ebarle Street, Cagayan de Oro City
For FREE DELIVERY call: 855-3444 or 0917-627-8111