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Monday, May 31, 2021

Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) 2021 GUIDELINES


Persons Recommended to Stay at home – Persons below 18 years old, over sixty-five years old, pregnant women, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risks, except for obtaining essential goods and services or for work.
Gatherings – Outdoor and indoor gatherings with persons out of your immediate household remain prohibited. However, religious gatherings shall be allowed up to 10% of the venue capacity.
Schools – Face-to-face or in-person classes shall be suspended. We recommend improving on your home internet or if you absolutely need a new home-schooling gadget you may apply for a loan from Landbank.
Transportation – Road, rail, maritime, and aviation sectors of the public transportation sector may operate. Biking is encouraged. Couriers, delivery services, and public transportation services like GrabCar are allowed to operate. You can get essential goods and services even without having to leave your home by using these grocery apps.
ID Requirements – IDs proving a place of work or Quarantine passes will be recognized when required by LGU. It’s recommended that you have your existing Quarantine pass with you when you go out.
Restaurants – Restaurants may operate however only take-our and pick-ups are allowed.
Curfew hours – A unified curfew may be imposed by LGUs.
Facilities not permitted to operate – Entertainment venues with live performances, recreational venues, Amusement parks, outdoor sports courts of venues for contact sports, indoor sports courts, indoor leisure centers, casinos, an indoor visitor of tourist attractions, conference or exhibition venues, personal care establishments such as parlors, spas, and similar establishments.


SECTION [5] GUIDELINES FOR AREAS PLACED UNDER MODIFIED GENERAL COMMUNITY QUARANTINE. Areas placed under MGCQ shall observe the following protocols: 1. Minimum public health standards shall be complied with at all times for the duration of the MGCQ. 2. The movement of all persons shall be limited to accessing goods and services from permitted establishments, for work in such establishments, or for such other activities allowed in this section. (As amended by Paragraph A(4)(a) of IATF Resolution No. 43, June 03, 2020, and further amended by Paragraph C of IATF Resolution No. 110, April 15, 2021) 3. Any person below fifteen (15) years old, those who are over sixty-five (65) years of age, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risks, and pregnant women shall be required to remain in their residences at all times; Provided, that all activities and movements allowed under other Sections of these Guidelines for the foregoing persons under stricter forms of community quarantine shall continue to be permitted under MGCQ. (As amended by Paragraph A(4)(b) of IATF Resolution No. 43, June 03, 2020, Paragraph A of IATF Resolution No. 79, October 15, 2020, Paragraph B(8) of IATF Resolution No. 84, November 19, 2020, and by Paragraph B of IATF Resolution No. 95, January 21, 2021. Lowering of age-based restrictions suspended pursuant to IATF Resolution No. 96, January 26, 2021) 4. All private offices may be allowed to operate anywhere between fifty (50%) to one hundred percent (100%) on-site capacity while encouraging work-from-home and other flexible work arrangements, where applicable. 5. The following establishments, persons, or activities shall not be permitted to operate, work, or be undertaken during MGCQ: a. Entertainment venues such as karaoke bars, bars, clubs, concert halls, and theaters; b. Fairs/Peryas, kid amusement industries such as playgrounds, playroom, and kiddie rides; and c. Cockfighting and operation of cockpits, except for the sole purpose of conducting e-sabong licensed and regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. The foregoing is likewise without prejudice to the authority of DTI to issue a negative list of industries that shall remain prohibited even in areas under MGCQ. 6. All construction projects shall be allowed subject to strict compliance with the construction safety guidelines issued by the DPWH. 7. Agencies and instrumentalities of the government shall be fully operational and shall operate at a minimum of fifty percent (50%) up to full on-site capacity as determined by the head of the agency, in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations issued by the CSC. 8. The co-equal or independent authority of the legislature (Senate and the House of Representatives), the judiciary (the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Court of Tax Appeals, Sandiganbayan, and the lower courts), the Office of the Ombudsman, and the Constitutional Commissions, to implement any alternative work arrangements, is recognized. 9. Officials and employees of foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited by the DFA may operate at full on-site capacity. 10. Only hotels or accommodation establishments with valid DOT Accreditation shall be allowed to accommodate guests and clients for legitimate purposes under a state of a public health emergency. The operations of such hotels and accommodation establishments, as well as ancillary establishments within their premises such as restaurants, cafés, gyms, spas, function halls, and the like, shall be subject to guidelines issued by the DOT and the IATF. (As amended by Paragraph C(2)(4) of IATF Resolution No. 95, January 15, 2021) 11. Gatherings shall be allowed up to fifty percent (50%) of the seating or venue capacity. Provided, that participants shall strictly observe the minimum public health standards, and the establishments or venues where the gatherings will take place shall strictly comply with ventilation standards as provided for under relevant issuances of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). 12. Face-to-face or in-person classes for basic education shall be suspended. The basic education sector shall operate in accordance with the guidelines of DepEd. Limited face-to-face or in-person classes for higher education and technical vocational education and training may be allowed, subject to the guidelines of CHED and TESDA, respectively. (As amended by Paragraph A(4)(e) of IATF Resolution No. 43, June 03, 2020, and amended by Paragraph C of IATF Resolution No. 47, June 19, 2020) 13. The road, rail, maritime, and aviation sectors of public transportation shall be allowed to operate at such capacity and protocols in accordance with guidelines issued by the DOTr. The use of active transportation such as biking is encouraged. (As amended by Paragraph D(7)(b) IATF Resolution No. 94, January 14, 2021) 14. Law enforcement agencies shall recognize any of the following IDs: (i) IATF IDs issued by the regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over permitted establishments or persons, (ii) valid IDs or other pertinent documentation issued by accrediting organizations or establishments allowed under MGCQ, and, (iii) if required by the LGU, local IDs for availing of essential goods and services. No other IDs or passes specifically exempting persons from community quarantine shall be required of workers of permitted establishments and/or offices without prejudice to requiring the presentation of other documents establishing the nature of their work. (As amended by Paragraph B IATF Resolution No. 46, June 15, 2020, and Paragraph B of IATF Resolution no. 106-B, March 28, 2021) 15. The movement of cargo/delivery vehicles, as well as vehicles used by public utility companies, shall be unhampered. Shuttle services of permitted establishments shall not be subject to an ID system but shall maintain compliance with minimum public health standards. (As amended by Paragraph B of IATF Resolution no. 106-B, March 28, 2021) 16. Indoor and outdoor non-contact sports are allowed. Non-contact sports refer to a sport or activity in which participants are physically separated throughout its duration, thus minimizing the possibility of making any form of purposeful or accidental physical contact. Provided, that, where applicable, the minimum public health standards such as the wearing of masks and the maintenance of social distancing, and no sharing of equipment, are observed. For this purpose, those below 15 years of age and above 65, may be allowed outdoor non-contact sports and other forms of exercise. (As amended by Paragraph A(4)(c) of IATF Resolution No. 43, June 03, 2020, and Paragraph B of IATF Resolution No. 56, July 16, 2020) 17. Any violation of the foregoing prohibitions shall constitute non-cooperation of the person or entities punishable under Section 9 par. (d) or (e), as the case may be, of Republic Act No. 11332, otherwise known as the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. (As introduced by Paragraph C of IATF Resolution no. 106-B, March 28, 2021)

DTI Memorandum Circular 21-19 for On-site Operational Capacity of Business Establishments, Person or Activities Allowed to Operate in Areas Under GCQ and Other Community Quarantine Classifications


WHEREAS, based on the updated risk classification in all Provinces, Highly Urbanized Cities and Independent Component Cities in the country, placing localities under different classifications of community quarantine with the goal of balancing economic activity and public health, IATF Resolution No. 115-A dated 13 May 2021 reclassified the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal together with the highly urbanized cities of the National Capital Region and the municipality of Pateros (“NCR Plus”) to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions until 31 May 2021;

WHEREAS, the Omnibus Guidelines, as amended, authorizes the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to issue a negative list of industries which shall remain prohibited even in areas under GCQ, which includes determination of on-site operational capacities;

WHEREFORE, foregoing premises considered, the following guidelines are hereby prescribed consistent with the IATF Resolution No. 115-A, Series of 2021 for the information and compliance of all concerned -

SEC. 1. Business Establishments, Persons or Activities Allowed to Operate OnSite in NCR Plus under GCQ with Heightened Restrictions -- Subject to compliance with minimum public health and safety standards and protocols, including under DOH Administrative Order No. 2020-0015, Series of 2020, DTI-DOLE JMC No. 2020-04-A, Series of 2020, DOLE Department Order No. 224-21, Series of 2021 and applicable sector-relevant protocols, the following business establishments, persons or activities shall be allowed to operate, work or be undertaken in the NCR Plus under GCQ with heightened restrictions from 15 May to 31 May 2021 -- 

a. Food preparation establishments such as commissaries, restaurants, and eateries may operate with their indoor dine-in services at the venue or seating capacity of twenty percent (20%), and fifty percent (50%) for al fresco or outdoor dining;

b. Personal care services which include beauty salons, beauty parlors, barbershops, medical aesthetic clinics, cosmetic or derma clinics, nail spas, reflexology, aesthetics, wellness and holistic centers and other similar establishments; acupuncture and electrocautery establishments, shall be allowed to operate at thirty (30%) capacity, provided that they shall only provide services that can accommodate the wearing of face masks at all times by the patrons/clients and service providers and subject to compliance with the protocols under DTI MC No. 21-15;

c. Limited social events at accredited establishments of the DOT shall be allowed at venue or seating capacity of ten percent (10%), provided that only ceremonial proceedings consistent with the rules on religious gatherings shall be conducted, subject to the applicable DOT/DTI guidelines; and

d. Outdoor tourist attractions may be opened at thirty percent (30%) with strict adherence to minimum public health standards, subject to the DOT Guidelines.

Venues for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE), indoor sports venues, and indoor tourist attractions shall remain prohibited under GCQ with heightened restrictions. Other business establishments, persons or activities allowed to operate on-site in NCR Plus not mentioned above shall be allowed to operate following the prescribed on-site operational capacity under Annex “A,” subject to minimum public health and safety standards and applicable sector-relevant protocols.

SEC 2. Other Business Establishments, Persons or Activities Allowed to Operate On-Site Outside NCR Plus Under Various Community Quarantine Classifications. Subject to compliance with minimum public health and safety standards and protocols, including under DOH Administrative Order No. 2020-0015, Series of 2020, DTI-DOLE JMC No. 2020-04-A, Series of 2020, DOLE Department Order No. 224-21, Series of 2021 and applicable sector-relevant protocols, business establishments, persons, or activities allowed to operate outside NCR Plus shall follow the prescribed on-site operational capacity under Annex “A” according to their corresponding community quarantine classification. The general provisions of the Omnibus Guidelines in the Implementation of Community Quarantine shall remain in force and effect throughout the country.

SEC 3. Compliance Monitoring and Complaints Handling. The DTI, through the FTEB and Regional or Provincial Offices, shall continue its strict compliance monitoring through its post-audit mechanism. Inspection by the DOLE, DOH, and the LGU’s Health Office may also be conducted at any time.

Violations of this Circular shall be subject to corresponding penalties under relevant rules and guidelines including the temporary suspension of business operations as may be necessary and applicable.

All feedback and complaints from the general public may be coursed through the DTI Consumer Care Hotline 1-384.

SEC. 4. Repealing Clause. Provisions of relevant Memorandum Circulars that are inconsistent with this Circular are hereby superseded or amended accordingly.

SEC. 5. Effectivity. Given the presence of a public health emergency, this Circular shall immediately take effect upon its publication and filing with the University of the Philippines Law Center.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Marawi masons trained by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority with support from Holcim Philippines are leading the reconstruction of their community.



Close to 500 houses for families displaced by the conflict in Marawi have been built as part of the partnership to support the city’s rehabilitation by leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc., the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

By the end of April 2021,491 of the 1,057 housing units planned for the first phase of the project were either completed or under construction. Holcim Philippines has supplied close to 72,000 bags of general purpose cement Holcim Excel to the project sites in Marawi through its plant in Lugait, Misamis Oriental. Additional 85,000  bags of Holcim Excel will be used for the rest of the houses. 


The reconstruction is being led by Marawi residents, 116 of whom were trained and certified by TESDA under Holcim Philippines ‘galing Mason program. The masonry skills and certification from TESDA will enable beneficiaries to explore job opportunities in other areas after completing the construction projects in Marawi. 

Holcim Philippines Vice President for Communications Cara Ramirez: “We are pleased that this partnership project with the UN-Habitat is progressing well and helping the City of Marawi rise again. This wonderful update is a welcome development as we join the nation for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. The continued recovery of Marawi is a testament to the resilience of Filipinos, and shows how our products are making a difference in the lives of our countrymen and the progress of the nation.” 


UN-Habitat Country Programme Manager Christopher Rollo: “Eid Mubarak to our Muslim brothers and sisters! The Rebuilding Marawi Project, funded by the People of Japan, is steadily moving forward towards its goal of providing permanent houses to 1,057 families affected by the 2017 Marawi Siege. The ongoing permanent shelter construction in four resettlement sites and the turnover of Hadiya Village to 109 families are project milestones made possible by various partnerships forged along the course of project implementation. UN-Habitat is grateful for the strong partnership it has built with Holcim Philippines – access to cement is one major aspect of the partnership that kept the construction of houses unhampered amidst the mobility restrictions posed by Covid-19 pandemic.” 

The project is part of a multi-sector effort to rebuild Marawi after the devastating conflict there several years ago that displaced nearly 80,000 families. In addition to UN-Habitat and TESDA, the project is supported by the Government of Japan, the Task Force Bangon Marawi, and the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development.  

Coca-Cola Beverages PH completes 14,000 solar panel project in manufacturing sites; 24,000 solar panel project underway



Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI), the bottling arm of Coca-Cola in the country, has achieved another sustainability milestone in Q1 of 2021 upon completing the installation of almost 14,000 solar panels in its Davao del Sur, Misamis Oriental, and Bacolod plants.


A multi-phased solar panel project is underway that covers four more sites— namely, Canlubang, Sta. Rosa, Zamboanga, and Cebu—with 2022 as a target deadline. With this, CCBPI is pursuing a 24,000 solar panel project, with the total capacity to produce a maximum of 9.4MW. More projects are in the pipeline— two plants in North Luzon and the Visayas are being assessed for renewable energy integration.


Energy efficiency is one of the company’s strategic investment areas. Efforts to further integrate renewable energy (RE) into its operations are part of CCBPI’s Cleaner Energy 2.0 initiative—a roadmap toward becoming a leader in clean energy use and energy use ratio in Southeast Asia by 2023. Even with the challenges brought by the pandemic, Coca-Cola steadily poured in investments—an initial $63M for 2021 and $95M in 2020—to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality, and sustainability for every bottle that reaches its customers. 


To date, as much as 65% of Coca-Cola’s total energy consumption is sourced from renewable and clean energy, which are geothermal, solar, and biomass resources. The company’s two mega plants, Canlubang and Sta. Rosa, were the first to utilize RE in 2018. All of Coca-Cola’s manufacturing sites that are viable to be converted to 100% RE—given the existing grid and connectivity infrastructure—have been transitioned to use clean energy. These sites are Sta. Rosa, Canlubang, Ilocos, (Calasiao) Pangasinan, Cebu, San Fernando in Pampanga, and Meycauayan. 


“Organizations of our scale need to consciously and deliberately manage our environmental impact. By placing sustainability at the core of our operations, we are able to demonstrate that growing a successful business through sound and responsible enterprise strategies is highly achievable.” says Gareth McGeown, President and CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. “We are increasing the volume of our production and maintaining the quality of our beverages, hand-in-hand with hitting our sustainability goals.”



Consuming less energy, producing more beverages


Coca-Cola has been delivering significantly on reducing overall energy consumption. To track progress on this front, the Company uses a metric called Energy Use Ratio (EUR), which is the amount of energy used for every liter of product produced.


The suite of energy savings initiatives has so far improved Coca-Cola’s energy use ratio from 2014 to 2018 by as much as 30%, which means that Coca-Cola is utilizing less power even as it produces more beverages—but it is not stopping there. 


CCBPI has introduced more operational excellence programs, which include step change in processes through initiatives like “LUPIT” (Level-Up Process Improvement Teams) that are fueled by a rewards and recognition scheme. LUPIT, a Filipino word for awesome, is run through a combination of focused improvement teams and individual employee improvement ideas and suggestions.


“Our 20 plants across the Philippines are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that allow for efficient energy and water consumption. We make sure that we continuously innovate and upgrade our processes, train our people, and invest in technology to ensure that the systems we have in place demonstrate our commitment to sustainability—it’s not all talk,” adds McGeown.  



Sustainability across the value chain: water, packaging, fleet operations


Comprehensive strategies are in place to further improve the company’s operational efficiencies throughout the value chain— from using biomass boilers that are fed rice hulls as fuel, to upgrading the fleet to Euro IV-V compliant trucks; from improving systems in manufacturing, to replacing old refrigeration equipment to new units that utilize LED lighting and hydrocarbon refrigerant. 


In line with World Without Waste—which is Coca-Cola’s global goal to collect and recycle every single bottle and can by 2030—CCBPI partnered with Indorama Ventures, a global leader in green technology, to construct PETValue Philippines, a PHP 1-billion PET recycling facility in General Trias, Cavite. The DTI’s Board of Investment (BOI) granted the plant a ‘pioneer status’ as its technology is the first of its kind in the country. 


PET recycling is also being addressed at the source: as colored bottles chart low in recyclability, Coca-Cola changed the iconic Sprite green packaging to clear PET in 2019, in order to increase its recyclability. 


Furthermore, water savings initiatives and operational efficiencies in the manufacturing sites, as well as community programs like AGOS also enabled Coca-Cola to achieve an estimated 132% water replenishment.


“Energy conservation, water replenishment, and taking responsibility for our packaging footprint—these are the sustainability commitments that we are tirelessly and strategically working on,” says McGeown. “We are proud of what we have achieved thus far, but we are just getting started.”


McGeown adds, “Coca-Cola has been in the Philippines for 109 years now, but we believe that our best days are still ahead of us. There is a lot more we can do as a company: More partnerships we can forge, more innovations to introduce, and more lives to help change for the better.” 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Get Anything Delivered Around Cagayan de Oro! Ipa-KOORYR na, bai!

kooryr.PH ang pinaka-bag-o ug pinaka-CHUY nga express delivery service sa Cagayan de Oro! Recently launched in April this year, Kooryr.Ph is CDO’s newest express delivery that offers high quality delivery services with much cheaper rates. With services customized to meet the specific needs of the customers, Kooryr.PH is finally here to make Kagay-anon’s daily wants or needs delivered in no time! We will get anything delivered at your doorstep, fast and easy!

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Jogging and Walking Spots in Cagayan de Oro City

Running or walking helps you lose weight, reduces your risk of cancer, strengthens your joints, relieves stress, and more. But the problem of some is that they don’t know where to have their jogging or walking exercise, so here are our recommendation for jogging and walking spots in CDO.

Kauswagan Highway - this is a good place to run, jog and walk every morning and late Afternoon til Night. Kauswagan Highway is from Save More to S&R Membership Shopping. It is mostly the choice of some to have thier walk or jogging on this highway because the road is now wider, and right now they have a unique scenery because the pink trumpet trees are blooming this summer, adding a nice feel as you walk or jog along the highway.

Patag Highway - is also a choice of some because it has recently been widened and there's a good sidewalk that joggers and walkers can use  but there are areas where the side of the road became a parking area of some residence for their cars so there's a bit of obstructions for the joggers.

Pueblo de Oro Business Park - for the Uptown residence, this is difinitely the best choice to have a brisk walk and/or jogging exercise. It is very safe because there's no heavy traffic around and it is also guarded. Best to jog early in the morning an during the night.

Gaston Park and Rodelsa Rotunda Circle - for people living in the City Proper, Gaston Park is the best spot for walking and jogging exercise, but there are some who doesn't like a short round track for running because it makes them a bit dizzy, so walking is fine. 

Misamis Oriental Provincial Capitol Grounds - it is one of the choice of many walkers and joggers because it has a lot of trees around the track that gives them a cool atmostphere, but it has been closed to public since the Pandemic started, but that is just a temporary closure, so we will just wait for the time that it will be opened to the public again.

Kauswagan-Puntod Bridge but right now as of this writing, it has been under major repair so it is not yet suitable for walking and jogging. 

Pelaez Bridge or Taguanao Bridge is also a venue for some but it is too far and you needed a car just to walk or jog there. 

Gran Europa - residence of this area doesn't need to go anywhere because walking and jogging around the so-called metropolis of subdivisions in CDO is cool enough and there are a lot of routes to choose and they also have a Rotunda.

Don Gregorio Pelaéz Sports Complex is also one of the venue for Jogging and walking exercises here in CDO but you need to pay an entrance fee to use the facility. Did you know that this sports center was built in 1969 and hosted the first Palarong Pambansa outside Metro Manila in 1975. It is the oldest sports park in Northern Mindanao and it first opened its door to baseball and basketball in 1970. Also, the stadium was the largest in Mindanao since 1998 after its renovation. Its capacity was 20,000 people.

There are a lot of spots for jogging or walking exercise in CDO, one thing you just need to check is the safety of the place and you are comfortable of the track or road where you do walking or jogging exercise. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Go Bond with Mom at GO Hotels

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – a day solely dedicated to the most special woman in our life. Show mom the appreciation and gratitude that she deserves – plan a refreshing staycation for her, complete with special dinner, or a relaxing massage. Let her pause from the demands of her daily routines and treat her to a quick getaway. For only Php2,200nett, take mom to a pampering overnight stay at Go Hotels Butuan with a complimentary massage for two. In the mood for a fun and heartfelt conversation with her? Talk about it over dinner at Go Iligan. For the same price of Php2,200nett, go on an overnight stay with breakfast for 2 and complimentary dinner exclusively for mom. Truly a wonderful time to give back and a weekend to look forward to! These deals will definitely make her feel pampered and loved.

New Normal staycations at Go Hotels are anchored with Robinsons Hotels and Resorts’ Circle of Clean elevated standard of hygiene and cleanliness that are based on World Health Organization and DOH New Normal protocols. We provide a worry-free stay experience for our guests from pre-arrival to post-departure touch points implemented in all Go Hotels nationwide.

Promo runs until May 15, 2021. For the complete terms & conditions visit us at or via Hotel hotlines. (02-8-397-0111), 0917-888-7788 and 0998-888-7788