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Monday, June 20, 2016

City Council Expected to be Kaabag, Dili Babag on Mayor Oca Moreno’s New Term

The outgoing City Council of Cagayan de Oro City had finally passed the annual budget last Monday, approving P2.4 billion from what was originally proposed which is P4.8 billion. It has been an issue when Mayor Oscar Moreno started his term as CDO Mayor that the opposition majority of the city council including the Vice Mayor has always making it hard for Moreno to get an allocated budget for any project he proposed.

They are always at war when it comes to allocation of budget. Yesterday, Mayor Oscar Moreno welcomes the new set of city council including the opposition councilors who plan to join and back the administration programs and called those issues before as a “thing of the past.” "I hope nga mo-uban sila sa ato. Let me put it this way: I hope nga kadtong obstructionism, ang total refusal to cooperate, paglisud-lisod, I hope those are things of the past already, hopefully in two weeks time," Moreno told reporters Monday morning, June 20.

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