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Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Sweet Indulgence - Pane E Dolci

Coffee and Dessert shops are sprouting around Cagayan de Oro nowadays, but as a coffee and dessert lover and at the same time a bookworm, I tend to look for a quiet and cozy coffee shops around to chill and read while having my caffeine Fix. Sad to say and no offense to Starbucks goer but I tried to avoid Sbucks for a loooooong time now. Not because I don’t like their coffee drinks or desserts but because it is too crowded for me to chill while flipping through the pages of my book.

So, everytime I found a new cafe, I always check the crowd first. I don’t like to barge into a coffee shop when it has a lot of noisy customers, kids jumping and running around, chika on the right and chika on the left. That is why I don’t like coffee shops located inside the mall, its not my place to chill.

Then, last week… I discovered Pane E Dolci located in Nazareth. When I first glanced at the facade of the place, a bell rang in my head. It means, I like it here. When I opened the door, a handsome and welcoming barrista greeted me good day with a sweet smile… That’s a sign that they are serving sweet desserts (Sa Smile pa lang. tee hee.) I know my sweet cravings will be satisfied here, so I checked out what’s in the menu. Cakes, Caramel Pecan Brownies, Cookies and other pastries… Coffee, Juice drinks, iced tea and more... then there’s a familiar looking creation on the pantry they called Sylvannas.

It has been around Cagayan de Oro for years now, but don’t be so surprised if I tell you that I never tasted one yet. Yes, my friends had been posting selfies with Sylvannas on their right eye for quite sometimes now (They call it “sylvfie craze”) and yet I am there at the very cafe still doesn’t know how it taste like. So, I ordered a box of Sylvannas classic and a cup coffee, they put it in a ready to go box because you’ll love to bring it home for your family, PROMISE. I took a bite and the fluffy softy chef creation satisfied my sweet indulgence. Pane E Dolci's Sylvannas has few more flavors like Nutella, Red Velvet and Chocolate

Their coffee? Well, you should come and visit for their Cafe Zibetto or Civet Coffee, Kopi Luwak in other terms. You know it is Civet coffee not because of the expensive price, it cost less because they sourced it out from Bukidnon. If you are a coffee person, you’ll know it is special with its distinct flavor and aroma. The surprise is that they roast the coffee beans while you wait on your table and you can even customize the roasting time. Don’t you like it that the barrista will prepare it on your table with a sweet smile?

They also serve full meals like Pasta, Salads, Pesto Chicken, Sauvignon Roast Pork and a lot more on the menu.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit Pane E Dolci at: 8th-21st Street, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City.

They also have Pane e Dolci Kiosk located at: G/F Ayala Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro City

Instagram: @paneedolci
Twitter: @paneedolci

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