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Monday, April 16, 2018

Mysterious Giant Fish 'ORO' Found in CDO

They said, that the head of the giant fish "ORO" is located somewhere in St. Augustine Cathedral and the tail is in Macabalan area where the Oro Port is located. And everytime there is an earthquake, they just said that the Oro or Giant fish just moved which causes an earthquake.


No!!! It is not true that the ORO has been found. It is just a tale, a myth that most native Cagay-anons has been telling to thier kids.

If you came here from our facebook page's post, then Congratulations! You passed the test. You are a genuine reader.

We made this post as an experiment, because we just want to check if people really read articles first, before reacting to any facebook posts. Most people on FB loves to react by commenting their ideas or sharing posts. The problem is, they only read headlines and their reactions will go somewhere else without even reading the article or source of the news/headline.

Just like what we have posted yesterday about the Waterpark's Property Litigation. Our headline is in a question form and not a statement, but most of the people who commented and shared it came in to a conclusion that it will surely be closing down anytime soon - WITHOUT READING THE ARTICLE. Some even commented it as 'FAKE NEWS'.

On a study, more than 60 percent of the people on Facebook will share, comment, react on the posts without even reading the whole article. The nature of modern online interactions is a bit superficial.

We’ve all been guilty of sharing an article we haven’t actually read—or at least not all the way through—but few of us have attempted to quantify or consider the ramifications of this effect.

A study posted on said that, 59 percent of all links shared on social networks aren’t actually clicked on at all, implying the majority of article shares aren’t based on actual reading. People are sharing articles without ever getting past the headlines. So why is this the case—isn’t the body of an article supposed to be the most important part? What does this mean for our society?

Barangay Elections in the Philippines is getting nearer and the politicians will surely be using Social Media like Facebook in particular to campaign for their candidacy. We in CDOToday would like to remind the people to read, investigate and research before reacting, sharing, commenting to any Facebook posts.

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” ― Fran Lebowitz

Thank you for taking time to read.

Have a great day!

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