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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

We Want You to Try the Boodle Wars Challenge at Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp!

Hey mga kuma! Kumakaon! Here's good news for y'all! Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp is having a promo for the whole month of June, 2018.

It is called "BOODLE WARS". No, you are not going to exchange ammonitions here because your opponent here is TIME! It is a challenge for all rated PG or Patay Gutom! hehehe... Just kidding. All you need to do to join the Boodle Wars challenge is to approach any of the Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp staff and ask them that you want to join the promo or challenge.

This is the variants of food that you are going to finish for the challenge... Ano kaya ba?
But wait! Not just that because here's the mechanics of the Boodle Wars:

* Group yourselves into 4
* Sgt Waitstaff will give a hefty portion of one of Sgt. Boodle Camp's variants
* You will be given 3 minutes to devour the boodle
* Finish with no food remaining and you meal is for FREE!
* Get an official Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp T-shirt
* Have your group's photo on the Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp Wall of Fame

At the end of the month, Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp will accumulate the times spent for each group and they will be called to have a final showdown for bigger rewards. It is like the Grand Finals of Boodle Wars.

Sgt. Stan Boodle Camp is located Between Tiano Bros & Capistrano Streets, infront of Pilgrim Christian College.

For more info, you may call them at 0917 706 5254

Check out the video below courtesy of The Explorer's Channel and see how the first 3 groups took the challenge.

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