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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Your Newest Best Barbecue Corner in CDO is Vonchok Kabkaban

Most of us wanted to explore new places to hangout, chill and dine with friends and families. But we usually keep going to where the usual places in the city like the malls, because of its accessibility. But we found a place yesterday that is very accessible, affordable, good ambiance and a very nice place to chill.

If you are looking for a good barbecue in the city, you should try Vonchok Kabkaban, they serves good quality, affordable and best tasting barbecues in town. They have pork barbeque, isaw, pecho, paa and many more skewers product. What’s best with Vonchok Kabkaban is that they are not using food coloring to preserve the meat for few days because they are preparing their barbecues fresh everyday, to make sure the good quality of the food and won’t risk the health of their customers.

Meet Von and Chok and the rest of the team! They are the team behind Vonchok Kabkaban's yummy tasting barbecue.

When you order your favorite barbeque at Vonchoks, don’t forget to ask for their special sauce, it is a perfect pair for your barbeque and puso rice.

Vonchok Kabkaban is open every night from 7:00pm til 4:00am, they are located at Chill Corner, a road from Tomas Saco going to Rodelsa Rotunda Circle, that corner going to the AIE School (Tomas Saco Side).

Chill Corner is a good place to chill because of its ambiance, cool music and good selection of drinks. You can also challenge your friends here for a beer pong.

So, come and have a good time with your friends at Chill Corner and don’t forget to have your pulutan barbeque at Vonchok Kabkaban!

Lami jud siya, promise!

Checkout the video below.

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