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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

GT Gas in an Hour is Now Open in CDO

Grancia Trading, was founded in 1996, when Pearl Garcia was rudely sent away from an LPG Reseller because their store had to close for lunch. Pearl was not alone on that day, She saw many other people who waited in line for a long time and were also turned away. Feeling frustrated, Pearl decided to take action. She quit her highly coveted bank position, with the aim of bringing convenience to the homes of Cagayan de Oro.

In 1998, GRANClA TRADING was formed and became the first home delivery LPG service in CDO. With clients all the way from llligan to Bukidnon, Grancia Trading became the household name in LPG and convenience. Having been an authorized GAS PETRONAS distributor for Cagayan De Oro, Grancia Trading was able to transform the LPG landscape through constant deliveries to any household and commercial needs.

But the decades took its toll, and newer and alternative solutions came along with the growth of the region.  And just this year Grancia Trading shed its distributor image and started catering to all clients and all LPG brands, under the new and modern banner GTGas, motto to deliver effectively and quickly, aptly known as Gas In an Hour. More than lip service clients are guaranteed delivery of their LPG Gas in one hour from the point of order. The assurance comes with a risk reversal of a penalty that will contribute to a discount to the client, if GT GAS fails to fulfill its Gas in An Hour promise.

A 3 step order to fulfillment process, CALL, ORDER, RECEIVE and all this IN AN HOUR. In addition to delivering the GAS in an hour, GT GAS technicians will perform a free safety and installation inspection on every delivery for FREE. Because at the end of the day, you cannot put a price on safety and convenience. With GT GAS, every order comes with a free delivery, free inspection and free installation.

The new CEO of the company MIKO GARCIA, the eldest son of Teddy and Pearl Garcia has now taken the reigns of the family owned corporation which also has their daughter, Monica handling and managing the marketing aspects of the business. It’s a family affair here at GT GAS, as the son in law, Uly, is spearheading the design aspects of the brand.This is very reflective of the CEO, Miko Garcia’s “Family First Value” beliefs, as his mother has strongly inculcated the value in their family.

Miko Garcia plans to systematically bring the development of the CALL, ORDER, RECEiVE process to all over Mindanao in the next year or so and to roll out the same neuro marketing campaign regionally, targeting CEBU next.The whole idea is to bring convenience where it is necessary, so mothers can still cook a good meal for their kids, fathers can ensure their family is fed with the best home cooked meals, and family stay together and healthy for a long time to come. To Miko Garcia, “Gas in an hour” is not just a slogan, but is a mission statement to bring transformation in people’s lives, especially in how they cook, what they cook, conveniently, effectively and quickly to every household in Cagayan De Oro.

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