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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fat Chef Restaurant, a new homegrown resto to open soon in CDO.

Where to eat in CDO?

Fat Chef Restaurant is a restaurant born from the city of Cagayan de Oro, it combines local ingredients and flavors to create a wide variety of comfort food.  The term ‘Fat Chef’ was coined to simply convey the idea that the food choices they are serving will surely fill everyone’s stomach or busog!

The owners were inspired to come up with this restaurant’s concept because they have been cooking for family members during their regular weekend get together.  They thought since they have been doing it regularly and their family and friends loved their foods, then why not do it into a next level, which is putting up a restaurant like Fat Chef and serves the foods they usually cooked to the Cagay-anons in general.

Their foods are surely what we all Cagay-anons love that are right in everybody’s budget. They are those one of your favorite Filipino dishes or some of it are your mom’s home cooked meal. In other words, they are serving their customers comfort foods, yet appetizing and delectable to your mouth.  Well, let me show you what are those, check out the series of photos and you will surely crave for it.

For appetizer:

Bulad Bruschetta is a toasted or grilled bread with bulad flakes dip.

Talong Kinilaw sa Gata - Grilled Talong with vinegar and coco milk.


Bulalo with Beef Tendon Soup - Beef shank, beef tendon, sweet corn and veg.


Steak Rice

Egg Rice


Truffle Pasta - White sauce with Shitake and Truffle Oil

Main course:

Fat Chef Sizzling Sinigang - Beef short plate in Sinigang Gravy.

Chicken Inasal sa Gata - Grilled Half-chicken in gata sauce.

Pinakbet sa Gata - Mashed kalabasa with gata, shrimp and mix veggies.


Mango Suman Float

Pour over coffee

Fat Chef Restaurant has a modern and cozy ambiance, well-lit dining area to make you feel homey while enjoying your favorite dishes.  It has this raw, unfinished warehouse look making it a modern industrial interior design. With unique light fixtures that adds the neutral tones of the place, fit for a family and friends get together.

Photo from Fat Chef FB Page
Fat Chef Restaurant envisions to become one of Cagayan de Oro’s pride in the food industry by consistently offering the Kagay-anons a diverse selection of comfort food and by providing a snug site for relaxation and interaction. It intends to satisfy its customers through its cuisines that are right on the budget but lavish in taste.

Fat Chef Owners
Watch out for their Soft Opening this Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Fat Chef Restaurant is located along Antonio Luna St., Cagayan de Oro City, near the Good Year Autocare Shop.

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