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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Revival Spa - a Unique Fish Foot Spa Experience, Massage & Facial

Fish Foot Spa Experience at Revival Spa
Photo grabbed from: Revival Spa FB Page
In the last 5 years, there's an increase of Massage Parlors and Spa businesses that opened up in Cagayan de Oro City. Though there are a good number to choose from, but the quality of pampering services on most of the spa in the city are not that excellent.

We've been to different spas in the past years and there are some that we were a bit disappointed with the pampering services being offered. There are those spa that offers cheaper rate but it goes with the services being offered too - cheap service.

So, last night, we feel a bit stressed from work and we can't wait for the weekend. Gladly, we found Revival Spa at 1A Express Hotel--the newest and hippest business hotel that is conveniently located along C.M. Recto Avenue in between SM Downtown Premier and Centrio Ayala Malls.

At first we were a bit unassertive coming in to this place because we thought that this is just another regular spa in the city. But when we got in to the spa, we were welcomed with beautiful smile from the staff. The ambiance is so relaxing because of the dimmed lighting -- a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. But the aquariums with fish in it caught our attention! You might thought you are at the wrong place but it is for the "FISH SPA" they are offering. Wow! that is something new here in CDO, so I feel like I wanna try it, but I pre-planned to have a facial pampering first, so I booked for facial first then will try the Fish Spa right after.

I had a soothing facial pampering treatment and I didn't regret having it here at Rivival Spa. Their facial specialist did a good job taking care with my face because she has a smooth hands and good experience with facial treatment. I really did have a worthy relaxing time while having the facial treatment and would definitely be going back for another treatment in a few months.

Right after my facial, I was so excited to try the FISH SPA. They soaked my feet first with warm water with rose petals and then after a couple minutes, I am ready for my fish spa. As I soaked my feet on the aquarium, the fish did their job instantly. There's a giggling sensation that you can feel while those fishes are eating away some dead skins on your feet, later on you will feel relaxed and after 30 minutes you have smooth freshly cleaned feet.

Fish Foot Spa at Revival Spa

Those are not just any ordinary fish that can be found here in the Philippines. They are using Garra rufa fish which is also popularly known as the "Doctor Fish" and they are efficient for fish spa treatment than any other fish out there. They have no teeth, so there's no way that they can puncture your skin, so you are safe. Garra rufa occurs in the river basins of the Anatolia in Turkey and Northern and Central Middle East, mainly in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Oman.

Revival Spa also offers other pampering treatment, like Foot and Body Massage that I really want to try next time.

They offers the following massage treatment:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Bentosa Massage
  • Signature Revival 7-in-1 Massage
  • Back Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Foot Reflex
  • Body Scrub 
  • Combo services and a lot more massage pampering services.

Visit them now and surely, you will get the relaxation treatment from their courteous, extra pleasant and well-trained therapists that you deserved.

They are conveniently located at the 2nd Floor of 1A Express Hotel, CM Recto Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City. You can call them for more info and for home and hotel services at 09050368383.

We can say that Revival Spa is one of the best in CDO that we've experienced and would recommend it for you to try.

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