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Monday, March 25, 2019

Real Inventory PH Launching

Ribbon Cutting with Real Inventory PH CEO Clarence Kyle A. Tan and COO Faridah Mae G. Pacuribot

Real Inventory PH is a real estate platform that helps developers in maintaining an up-to-date inventory, while updating accredited practitioners of the available inventory and its status real time. It provides traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services such as contact database, social media, email, calendar and phone integration, project management, accounting, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, analytics and reporting tools.

Real Inventory PH will ensure that the tools will actually be used by the accredited practitioners (will be referred to as stakeholders). This way, traffic inside the office will be managed paving way for office employees such as the marketing, admin, customer care and production to focus more on important tasks to meet deliverables.

Additionally, Real Inventory PH will act as a loyalty program to accredited practitioners with features that encourage accredited brokers and partners to engage in the online platform. It will allocate points for certain actions performed by stakeholders and stakeholders are incentivized to perform these actions as they accrue rewards on various point levels. Actions with points equivalent includes inquiry, buyer update, site tour/tripping, reservation, and closing.

From Left to Right: paul Steven S. Cue, Kyle Tan, Farah Garcia-Pacuribot and CTO Dario MiƱoza


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