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Monday, June 3, 2019

Vonchok Kabkaban Opens New Branch in Carmen, Serving the Best BBQ in CDO

Vonchok Kabkaban defined the taste of barbecue in CDO since they opened last year at Chill Corner, a road from Tomas Saco going to Rodelsa Rotunda Circle. Since then, they have frequent and loyal customers who keeps coming back to dine with their best tasting barbeque on that location.

But they want to serve more cagay-anons on the west side of the city, Vonchock Kabkaban opened their newest branch with a bigger and better location at Calamansi Drive Carmen, Approaching Patag.

They are still serving the usuals like Chicken Pecho, Chicken Pa-a, Chicken Wings, our favorite Chicken Skin, Chicken Gizzard, Children's favorite Pork Chorizo, Chicken Neck, Beef Cheesedog, Chicken Liver, also our fave special isaw, their best selling Pork Barbeque, and now since they have a bigger branch, they have upgraded their menu with few additionals like the mouth watering Tuna Belly, Sinuglaw, Pork Sisig with or without eggs and few more.

Von and Chok, proudly says that aside from having the best tasting barbeque in CDO, they also have the best tasting sauce to partner with any of their barbeque offerings. Indeed, their sauce is really good and we even asked for a sauce refill because sauce pa lang, ulam na ulam na!

Visit them now at their Carmen Branch, you can bring your whole barkada or your whole family because they can now accommodate more customers.

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