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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Keep Calm and Pig Out! with Mom’s Pig Out’s Unli Lechon Buffet

Mom’s Pig Out is your One Stop Lechon Place that caters Kagay-anons and tourists a specialty Lechon Belly and traditional lechon.

Their Lechon are the best! And there’s no other way to enjoy lechon and satisfy your cravings than having it unlimited, right?! Yes, you can enjoy and satisfy your lechon cravings with Mom’s Pig Out’s Unli Lechon Buffet together with other Filipino Cuisines every Fridays. Take note, UNLI LECHON BUFFET is every FRIDAY only.

For only 299 pesos per person, you can exerience a Filipino Fiesta style of buffet at Mom’s Pig Out at SM CDO Uptown. They are serving Lunch Buffet from 11:00AM til 2:00PM and Dinner Buffet from 6:00PM until 9:00PM.

They are not only about lechon because they are serving short orders on the rest of the week with Filipino Foods such as Kare-kare, Sisig, Dinuguan, Paklay, Beef Caldereta, Lechon Kawali, Kinilaw and a lot more of the all-time favorite Filipino dishes.

But if you are on a group, why not try their Set Menu for only 999 pesos, which is good for 4-5 person.

They have Set Menu A which consist of the following:

  • Crispy Kangkong
  • Tinola / Sinigang Tuna
  • Fish Fillet
  • Beef with Ampalaya
  • 1 Rice Platter
  • 1 Iced Tea Pitcher
  • Fresh Fruit Platter

Set Menu B is consist of the following:

  • Steamed Okra
  • Tinola / Sinigang Tuna
  • Camaron Rebosado
  • Lechon Kawali
  • 1 Rice Platter
  • 1 Iced Tea Pitcher
  • Fresh Fruit Platter

They also have Bento Meals for 99 pesos only. For more dishes, just check out their menu down below:

You can also order lechon by kilo, from 1/4 kilogram, 1/2 Kilogram or order a whole Lechon Belly for a very affordable price.

They are located at the ground floor of SM CDO Uptown. You may contact them at 880-8855 or 0916-592-1479.

So, Keep Calm and Pig Out!

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