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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Cagayan de Oro City Implemented FULL BAN on Plastic Use!

Cagayan de Oro City is now implementing the FULL BAN OF PLASTIC USE in all commercial establishments. Last year (January 2019) the ordinance was only a partial ban of the use of plastic especially the “single-use” plastic carry-on bags that goes on for a year to give residents and businesses more time to comply with the total plastic ban, the implementation is part of the City Ordinance 13378-2018 or the Integrated Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance. Since most of the commercial and residents of Cagayan de Oro City are now used to the partially implemented ordinance, it will now be easier to implement the full ban of plastic use in all commercial establishments.

So, starting January 1, 2020, the full implementation already started. According to Clenro chief Armen Cuenca, "full implementation means all the ban now includes transparent plastic wrappers." And including “fast food outlets, pharmacies, food kiosks, ‘sari-sari’ stores, and ambulant vendors” in the public markets. Cuenca also said that the only that time transparent plastic wrappers (cellophane) can be used is when buying meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

So, as a shopper, we can also help implement this ordinance fully by bringing our own reusable containers and eco-bags when buying groceries. It should be easy now since we already have files of eco-bags that we collected from last year's groceries and shopping. You can also opt to not pack our items when buying small goods that can be easily carried with our hands. That way we can save more paper bags and we can help preserve mother earth even with just little simple deeds.

Let's start it here in the City of Golden Friendship and become the model city in the country that totally bans single-use plastics.

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