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Sunday, January 19, 2020

La Prisha de Jamela's Farm and Golda's Place - Newest Mountain View Destination in Northern Mindanao

This is the newest mountain view destination in Northern Mindanao, the La Prisha de Jamela's Farm and Golda's Place - The two places are just situated side by side on that very same spot with a majestic mountain ranges view in Kalingking, Malitbog, Bukidnon.

It has gone viral on social media last weekend and since we have nothing to do, we decided to explore the place without planning last Saturday and we jumped into an adventure even though we don't know the exact location of the place. All we knew was it is located in Kalingking, Malitbog.

We hopped into our friend's pickup truck and just follow the road from Santa Ana, Tagoloan going to Malitbog area. Approaching Malitbog, you will be welcomed with great mountain views along the winding roads. Since we were not sure of the exact location, we just tried looking for signs of the place and asked some locals to where the place is located... until we reached a crossing where there is a road sign direction of La Prisha de Jamela's Farm and Golda's Place.

From the highway, it is around 4 kilometers of rough road travel going up to the hills of Kalingking, Malitbog. But when you reached the place, you will be amazed of the wonderful mountain view of Bukidnon, including the Mount Kitanglad silhouette in the background of the scenic Manolo Fortich mountain ridges and Lawis Grand Canyon of the Tagoaloan River, and the Mount Balatukan on the other side and you can even see the Cagayan de Oro City and Tagoloan proper from afar to the North.

We arrived around 5 in the afternoon to witness the sunset and it was indeed so beautiful.

But we decided to stay for the night and set up our tent to camp and stay overnight so that we can also witness how the view looks like during sunrise in the morning and indeed, it is equally beautiful with what it looks like during the sunset.

But there is a bonus treat if you can still stay up late with the very cold weather at night because it is a perfect time for stargazing as there are only a few light pollutions in the area and you can clearly enjoy the stars and the galaxy view up in the sky. (Check out the night sky photo below to see how it looks like. We can't get a good photo like this with our Camera Phones so we just refer you the photo posted by Bukidnon Travels FB Page.)

So, when you are planning to spend an overnight at La Prisha de Jamela's Farm and Golda's Place, be sure to pack your jackets, pajamas, and blankets because it is really cold during the night. The cold strong wind will make you chill if you are only wearing light clothes.

They have tents for rent for only 350 pesos overnight, but if you have your own tent, you can still use it but they will still collect payment of 250 pesos, but we haggle down the price into 100 pesos for each tent we brought. They also serve breakfast for only 120 pesos with hot coffee but you can bring your own packed meal and drinks. The people at Golda's Place are very accommodating and we really enjoyed our overnight stay there and would love to keep coming back for a weekend overnight there.

For more info, you may contact them at their Facebook account at

Check out the video below to see the whole view of this beautiful scenic mountain view.

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