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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Priometal Mindanao Corporation Produces Sustainable and Eco-friendly Building Materials in CDO and Mindanao

The construction industry evolves nowadays and most of us in this generation are considering the eco-friendly materials to be used in constructing a house. Hence, building an environmentally friendly house is highly economical in the long run, paying for itself with energy savings for years as well as increasing home value. Aside from saving money in the long run for using a high quality material, it is also a good move in protecting the earth and having a healthier home for your family.

That is where Priometal Mindanao Corporation steps in by producing sustainable building materials for your home construction. They are the pioneering light metal manufacturing company that produces innovative, sustainable and environment-friendly building materials. Committed to providing world-class building materials that are sustainable, zero waste and cost effective without compromising quality.

Introducing their high quality and eco-friendly building material products here in Cagayan de Oro City:

ico Ficem Door is a water resistant, fireproof, anti-termite and eco-friendly door for your home. No need to worry about having your conventional wooden doors shrinking during the rainy season and expanding during the hot summer season making your doors too tight in their frames because the ico Ficem Door doesn’t respond to whatever season thus having that nickname as the Door for all season, making your door sturdy and steady on their frames. Not only that, because of the anti-rust material used with the Ficem door, your door will last for longer years. It is fully customizable when you order at Priometal Mindanao Corporation, from the design, to its sizes and even to its features.

ico Meta-Jambs, perfect to be paired with ico Ficem Flus Door because it is also eco-friendly with a low-maintenance smooth surface. It is also durable, anti-termite, fireproof and rot-free material, roll formed from light metal of galvanized iron to produce a smooth aesthetically pleasing design and finish. When you order this at Priometal Mindanao Corporation, you can purchase this in lengths and assembled at site, it will be ready for lockset and deadbolt, ready to install door with frame, primed and ready to paint and can be shaped easily with minimum wastes. 

They also have the ico Triple Furring, it has an innovative triple function, with center-line indicators for easy installation, and it also has anti-twisting stiffeners. Also available are the ico wall angle and ico Clip. Check out the video below to learn from their customers’ feedback here in cagayan de Oro who are using ico Triple Furring products in their construction projects.

Also available at Priometal Mindanao Corporation are the following products:

  • ico MetaPurlin
  • Metal Studs and Tracks
  • Fiber Cement Boards
  • And other hardware accessories.

Save at least 10% of your material & labor cost using ico frames & functions. Straight from the manufacturer's plant.

Priometal Mindanao Corporation has been supplying eco-friendly building materials to some establishments here in Cagayan de Oro City such as, Limketkai Center for their ceiling frames, Victor’s Subdivision using the ico Meta-Jamb, Kung Hua School is also using ico Ficem Flus Doors, Xavier University using ico Triple Furring for their ceiling frames, A Brown Company using ico Meta-Purlin for their house roofing frames, Northern Mindanao Medical Center using ico Ficem Flus Doors and a lot more establishments that are a valued customers of Priometal Mindanao Corporation.

So, whenever you need some construction/building materials, visit Priometal Mindanao Corporation, they are located at: 

Brgy 35, Yacapin Extension, 

in front of Gaisano Bodega, 

Cagayan de Oro City

You can contact them for inquiries at: 

Globe - 09177962390

Sun - 09233898555

Telephone - 881 6561

Or reach out to their facebook page:

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