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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Jogging and Walking Spots in Cagayan de Oro City

Running or walking helps you lose weight, reduces your risk of cancer, strengthens your joints, relieves stress, and more. But the problem of some is that they don’t know where to have their jogging or walking exercise, so here are our recommendation for jogging and walking spots in CDO.

Kauswagan Highway - this is a good place to run, jog and walk every morning and late Afternoon til Night. Kauswagan Highway is from Save More to S&R Membership Shopping. It is mostly the choice of some to have thier walk or jogging on this highway because the road is now wider, and right now they have a unique scenery because the pink trumpet trees are blooming this summer, adding a nice feel as you walk or jog along the highway.

Patag Highway - is also a choice of some because it has recently been widened and there's a good sidewalk that joggers and walkers can use  but there are areas where the side of the road became a parking area of some residence for their cars so there's a bit of obstructions for the joggers.

Pueblo de Oro Business Park - for the Uptown residence, this is difinitely the best choice to have a brisk walk and/or jogging exercise. It is very safe because there's no heavy traffic around and it is also guarded. Best to jog early in the morning an during the night.

Gaston Park and Rodelsa Rotunda Circle - for people living in the City Proper, Gaston Park is the best spot for walking and jogging exercise, but there are some who doesn't like a short round track for running because it makes them a bit dizzy, so walking is fine. 

Misamis Oriental Provincial Capitol Grounds - it is one of the choice of many walkers and joggers because it has a lot of trees around the track that gives them a cool atmostphere, but it has been closed to public since the Pandemic started, but that is just a temporary closure, so we will just wait for the time that it will be opened to the public again.

Kauswagan-Puntod Bridge but right now as of this writing, it has been under major repair so it is not yet suitable for walking and jogging. 

Pelaez Bridge or Taguanao Bridge is also a venue for some but it is too far and you needed a car just to walk or jog there. 

Gran Europa - residence of this area doesn't need to go anywhere because walking and jogging around the so-called metropolis of subdivisions in CDO is cool enough and there are a lot of routes to choose and they also have a Rotunda.

Don Gregorio PelaƩz Sports Complex is also one of the venue for Jogging and walking exercises here in CDO but you need to pay an entrance fee to use the facility. Did you know that this sports center was built in 1969 and hosted the first Palarong Pambansa outside Metro Manila in 1975. It is the oldest sports park in Northern Mindanao and it first opened its door to baseball and basketball in 1970. Also, the stadium was the largest in Mindanao since 1998 after its renovation. Its capacity was 20,000 people.

There are a lot of spots for jogging or walking exercise in CDO, one thing you just need to check is the safety of the place and you are comfortable of the track or road where you do walking or jogging exercise. 

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