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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Appreciate the Scenic Mountain View at Dansoliwood Viewdeck Cafe

Barangay Dansolihon is located at the hinterland areas of Cagayan de Oro City, it is one of the least visited places in the past years because of the road accessibility problems. But since the CDO-Talakag-Lantapan-Aglayan Highway or Route 945 has been opened, places in the hinterland barangays of CDO has now being explored since then.

Gradually, there are few developments in these areas in terms of tourism. Water Rafting has been the number 1 tourism destination of this place, Sinulom Falls and Bulao Cold Spring has now being patronized by local tourists and is getting known as one of the must-visit places in CDO. Just this November of 2021, a new Mountain Viewdeck Cafe has been opened at Barangay Dansolihon that offers food and drinks, and scenic mountain view and cold weather. 

Going on long rides with your friends and family is an experience that you should try at least once and Cagay-anons love to explore new places to chill, they tend to look for places that are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and Dansoliwood Viewdeck Cafe is one example of the Cagay-anon's interest when it comes to that. You can make this as one of your stopover destination when you stretch across the Route 945 to and from Bukidnon and CDO.

It is not really a good place for a stopover if you have less time travelling, because it is around 8 kilometers away from the main route 945 highway or a 21-minute drive from the highway. Although it is a paved road going there, it also has a narrow road and there are BIG humps on the roads being placed by the Barangay Officials in order to prevent over speeding, a little caution for sedan type cars because it will definetely hit the bottom of your car.

But if you have plenty of time, going there will surely worth it, since the view is so refreshing and the weather is cool. A good place for recharging after a long travel as the wide stretch of overlooking mountain view and breath of fresh air will replenish your energy.

They have friendly staffs who are willing to be of service but sometimes they tend to be shy approaching the in-coming customers, they still need to upgrade in terms of service because when we arrived at the area, most of the staffs are just staying inside and we waited a bit before someone got our orders.

The place is a perfect getaway to chill and relax and enjoy your hot coffee and snacks while appreciating the green verdant mountain view, plus the cold weather.

How to get there?

From Cagayan de Oro City, you need to travel 30 minutes all the way to Dansolihon National High School, from Dansolihon National High School, just follow the concrete road all the way to the access road of Iba Integrated School, please don't get inside the access road to the school, just go forward for about a hundred meters and you can see the sign on the left to Dansoliwood Viewdeck Cafe and just follow that road going up and you will reach the place. 

Parking area will be at the upper back portion of the cafe. They collect entrance fee for about 50 pesos per head. Food and drinks prices are a bit pricey but affordable.

For more info and reservations, you can call them directly at 0953-189-5880, Email them at

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