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Friday, March 11, 2022

Modesto Coffee + Cuisine Brought Their Flavors at Big Bite Food Festival

Modesto Cafe is a homegrown family oriented cafe which started during the peak of the Pandemic around the year 2020. It started small as an experiment since the owner's job as business consultant has been affected due to the situation of the city lockdown, they thought of applying to their own business the advices they have given to their clients during their consultation meetings. 

It started really small and very manual.  At the start, mostly friends and families are the usual customers. After 6 months, they thought of upgrading their services and menu because few more customers are coming to their cafe, so they started adding staff and trained them on food techniques and customer services, they also encourage the staff to be outspoken when it comes to improving the business, somehow it was effective for the business and they have upgraded the cafe since then.

The regular customers really love their food and the service they offered, but since their location is a bit far from the city center, not everybody can visit and dine at their cafe located at Indahag Hills. So, the owner, Ms. Maria Carmela Urbano Bermundo took the opportunity to join at the Big Bite Food Festival at Ayala Centrio Mall, in order to bring their flavorful food offerings at downtown area, so that everyone can have the opportunity to have a taste of how full-flavored the Modesto Cafe offerings are without the need to go up to their Cafe at Barangay Indahag.

Although not all from their menu are available at the Big Bite Food Festival, they make sure to serve their best sellers at the food festival at the mall.

So, here are the following food offerings that you can try at Modesto Cafe at Big Bite in Centrio Mall:

Spam and Egg Waffle

I am Chori Burger

Spam and Egg Pancake

Ribs ribs ribs

Desendencia de Modesto

They are are also serving crafted coffee and sparkling drinks, that compliments café style meals. We love their Modesto Pops Sparkling drinks and we recommend it for you to try, it comes in 4 flavors - Blood Orange, Sparkling Green, Pink Peach and Blue Lagoon.

Check out their full menu available at their very own cafe at Indahag Hills:

Their booth at Big Bites Food Festival is located at the Centrio Ayala Mall Garden, visit them now and experience the homegrown flavors of Modesto Cafe. 

Big Bite Food Festival runs from March 11-20, 2022, during mall hours.

But if you want to visit them at Indahag Hills, they are located at Daria Bermundo Compound, Poblacion, Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City.

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