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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Travel Requirements for Camiguin During the Holy Week

Travel Requirements for Camiguin:

1. CleanCamiguin QR Code

- Register at, CleanCamiguinQR is the official contact tracing system of the Province of Camiguin. Their goal is to effectively manage the spread of COVID-19 to keep everyone safe.

2. Health Declaration Form (HDF)

- After registering for a CleanCamiguin QR code, go to HDF page located at the upper right menu of CleanCamiguin website and fill up the HDF Form.

3. Fully Vaccinated with Vaccination Card

- Make sure to bring your physical Vaccine Card for verification.

4. Traze Contact QR Code

- TRAZE is a nationwide and unified contact tracing app that automates manual contact tracing by using QR code scanning such that the tracing process done in several days can now be achieved in just few minutes.

This is the tracing app used on Philippine Ports so make sure to also register for Traze QR code. They will scan 2 QR's at the Balingoan Port, the CleanCamiguin and Traze QR codes. Download Traze app here:  

5. Booking Confirmation.

- If you are staying in residential homes of Relatives/friends, you need to secure a Acceptance letter from the home owner. If you are staying in a resort or hotel, you just need to show the Booking Confirmation.

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