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Monday, May 9, 2022

Reasons Why Bongbong Marcos Will Win as the Next President of the Republic of the Philippines

By: Orion Perez

I come from an anti-Marcos background.

I used to be a Yellow. I rooted for Cory back in EDSA '86.

Heck, I couldn't bring myself to vote for a Marcos in 2022, and I have NEVER EVER voted for a Marcos in my life.

(As an overseas absentee voter, I voted ahead on the 23rd of April 2022 at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, and I voted for former Secretary Norberto Gonzales)

But one thing I have to grudgingly admit is that part of the reason why the son of the late ousted President Ferdinand E. Marcos is not only going to win the elections of 2022, but will win it with an absolute majority (more than 50% of all votes cast - if the surveys are to be believed) is because for all those years that the Marcoses were cast as "the bad guys", for all those years that they were demonized and made to look like the worst human beings of all, they WERE NOT TOXIC, they did not lash out at critics, they did not make scenes, and they did not cause any scandals.

They were gracious. When Joseph Estrada who was widely seen as a pro-Marcos candidate ran for president in 1998 and won, they were generally quiet. They didn't loudly support his candidacy. They didn't appear like they were going for revenge.

When Cory Aquino died, they even visited her wake at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.

Whenever Noynoy Aquino made major booboos and embarrassing missteps, gaffes, blunders, etc, they didn't jeer at him and say "TOLD YOU SO!"

Do you recall the Marcoses making public statements making fun of Noynoy's countless gaffes and disastrous f*ckups?

They behaved in a way that forced even their worst critics to grudgingly admit that they simply took it in stride and didn't fight back.

And ultimately, which side turned out to be the MORE TOXIC ONE?


It was the Yellows - spearheaded by Cory Aquino herself - who SABOTAGED her own anointed successor Fidel V. Ramos when as President, he sought to fix the objectively identifiable flaws of that hurriedly and lousily-written 1987 Constitution in order to uphold the Legacy of EDSA '86 by UPGRADING IT and removing its weaknesses.

It was the Yellows who exuded ARROGANCE and SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS over and over and over again!!!!

And yet, it was the Yellow daughter, Kris Aquino, who was so scandalous with her dalliances and her mega-toxic announcement on TV that her ex-lover "gave her an STD." 

Just look at how they demonized another President who was originally from their side who then decided to continue former President Ramos' Constitutional Reform agenda aimed at upgrading/fixing the flaws of the 1987 Constitution. This is former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The Yellows (Cory+Drilon+ the Monsods+the other Yellow acolytes) all kept spreading falsehoods aimed at making the Public fear the constitutional reforms being proposed, when objective international experts in economics and political science generally agreed with these Constitutional Reform proposals that FVR and GMA advocated.

When Manny Villar was known to be running for President since 2009 for the 2010 elections, the Yellows demonized Villar with all kinds of fake news, calling him "E-Vill" and spreading all kinds of toxic falsehoods about him just because they saw him as a threat.

Once Noynoy Aquino won as President, he could never be magnanimous and instead was so TOXIC in his repeated (almost everyday) attacks and criticisms against his predecessor, Dr. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who, as it turns out, was the architect of several fiscal and economic reforms which she set up that bore fruit during Noynoy's term. It was she who planted the seeds and it was Noynoy who harvested the now-grown crops.

And yet he had the audacity to toxically mistreat the predecessor who allowed him to enjoy the results of those reforms she set up.

Similarly the Yellows actively demonized Rodrigo Duterte.

Way too many toxic Yellow fanatics would stalk their friends/contacts on their social media accounts and condescendingly question us "why Duterte?"

Seriously, folks, I didn't vote for BBM, and I have never ever voted for a Marcos ever in my life. I voted for Norberto Borja Gonzales.

But I just simply and begrudgingly have to state this extremely objective and undeniable fact...

That between the Yellow Aquinos versus the Marcoses...

...the Yellows and the Aquinos are the SUPREMELY TOXIC LOWLIFES while the extremely villified Marcoses were extremely gracious, patient, and generally sought to avoid conflict.

When the Yellows stup1dly bullied and villified original members of their own team such as Arroyo (a former economic technocrat who served as an undersecretary within Cory Aquino's administration) and Duterte (who was appointed as OIC vice mayor of Davao by Cory Aquino and even helped campaign for Noynoy in 2010), they forced both ex-Yellows to join forces with the Marcoses.

Did those toxic Yellow Ringleaders think that they could win by alienating people who were originally from their own team and bully them into submission? All that did was to force the recipients of Yellow bullying to ally themselves with their Yellows' arch-enemies!

Arrogance, ego, toxic self-righteousness, and delusions of grandeur really do have a way of bringing down people who originally had everything going for them.

And look at many of the fanatic Yellow followers, they're extremely toxic! 

They have gone out of their way to cyberbully so many people, I've witnessed how some Yellow fanatics turned an Ateneo de Manila alumni FB group into a toxic Yellow echo chamber where some toxic fanatics went out of their way to use the group to mass report pro-Duterte influencers like my friend Sass Rogando Sasot, all because she was educating Filipinos about the difference between Sovereignty over Territory versus Sovereign Rights over Resources in an Exclusive Economic Zone, and when I called them out and defended my friend Sass, they then turned on me, got me kicked out, and similarly kicked out others who took my side and called for that Ateneo alumni FB group to stop being used as a toxic Yellow echo chamber. (That's what prompted several of us to create another group called "Bughaw hindi Dilaw" to accommodate us non-Yellow Atenistas)

Guess why the masses and the majority (including members of the middle and even upper classes) are going with the son of Ferdinand Marcos. It's a protest movement against the extreme toxicity, the arrogance, and the self-righteousness of the Yellows!!!

(Don't blame me, I voted for another candidate)

Just recently, the Yellow-leaning son of senatorial candidate Loren Legarda toxically dissed and disowned his own mother just because she joined in the slate of Bongbong Marcos.

Recent news came out today about a computer science student who committed suicide after being repeatedly cyberbullied by Yellow extremists who attacked him after he defended Loren Legarda because she had something to do with the scholarships they had received. The self-righteous cyberbullies insisted that the toxic Yellow son of Loren Legarda had every right to publicly disown and diss his own mother.

Remember Jim "Jack-o'-lantern" Paredes' toxicity at the EDSA shrine when he self-righteously bullied Duterte-supporter Ronald Cardema and friends with his infamous "LOOK AT ME" tirade when they quietly stood their ground to show support for Duterte? 

See how toxic the Yellows almost always are?

Compare the two sides. The Marcoses have patiently, quietly, and graciously played THE LONG GAME, patiently expecting that as long as they behaved themselves, Filipinos would eventually take their side. On the other hand, the YELLOWS' Ringleaders have childishly grabbed at any and all short-term gains they could get their hands on. From lashing out at any of their own loyal soldiers like Ramos and Arroyo who sought to make changes to the YELLOWS' sacrosanct but supremely flawed 1987 Constitution, to taking short-term advantage of the outpouring of support for Cory Aquino during her funeral by getting her lazy and incompetent son Noynoy Aquino to use his status as Ninoy's and Cory's only-begotten son to run for President and win.

The short-sightedness of it all meant that the Yellow Ringleaders would gain in the short-term but pathetically LOSE EVERYTHING in the long term because Noynoy Aquino's utter failures in almost everything he did meant that he alienated and embarrassed the very people who had voted for him in 2010.

Now, in 2022, a majority of those who voted for Noynoy in 2010 are angrily and in protest, voting for the Yellows' arch-nemesis - Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.

The Yellows are where they deserve to be (flushed down the toilet!), and it was their actions that catapulted the Marcoses back into the Palace.

I come from an anti-Marcos background, but I said what had to be said!

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