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Monday, July 18, 2022

ATRH’s Endless Summer Beach Festival was a Success with a Splash!

The annual Endless Summer Beach Festival at Apple Tree Resort and Hotel halted for 2 years because of the pandemic. The Resort’s Management really wanted to pursue the Summer Fest this year with a little bit worry at the back of their minds that it might be a flop, but with courage and hope to bring back the annual celebration, they held it a little bit late of schedule. With the modular learning school year ended last month, the summer breaks of students also started this month (July), and it was kind of a perfect timing to hold Endless Summer now, thus, ATRH pushed for it.

Endless Summer’s major activities this year kicked off with the Shore Break Skimboarding Competition and Beach Volleyball. They also added Yoga Session in the morning, Live Acoustic Entertainment comes sundown and Weekend Dinner Buffet. But the most awaited event was the exclusive Pool and Foam Party after the awarding ceremony. They didn't held the Search for the Ultimate Endless Summer Beach Bod because of the time constraint, in spite of that, the event was a success with a splash!

Here are the list of winners:

Skimboarding Competition

Kids Category:

Champion: Symon Yana

1st Place: Jacob Ebonia

2nd Place: Edison Ayusan

Beginner Category:

Champion: Junjun Lariosa

1st Place: Niko Faeldin

2nd Place: Shyra Salindo

Advance Category: 

Champion: Panoy Rosal

1st Place: Crismar Lariosa

2nd Place: Christian Quitat

Beach Volleyball Game:


Team Paglaum

- BJ Magdale

- Fritz Michael Bolong

1st Place:

Team Dianne 35

- Freygene May Apag

- Robert John Tayros

2nd Place:

Team Black Majic

- Hannah Metrillo

- Rey Kevin Carcosa

3rd Place:

Team Androcur

- Bea Sapio

- Aleaxandra Glema

- Avelino Rara

Apple Tree Resort & Hotel is a premier beach resort located at Taboc, Opol, Misamis Oriental. Covering over 7,000 square meters, the property boasts a full range of facilities for leisure and business, comes with a magnificent view of the Macajalar Bay and Camiguin Island, and an ambience that is solely and uniquely Apple Tree’s. 

The beach front has a relatively flat, free of rocks and seaweeds, and having a break that leaves a thin layer of placid water on the shoreline, makes it a perfect beach for skimboarding, making Opol, Misamis Oriental the Skimboarding Capital of the country. Hopefully as the annual Endless Summer Skimboarding competition of Apple Tree Resort & Hotel continues every year, the Municipality of Opol will be known popularly for skimboarding enthusiasts in the country and hopefully in the world.

Check out more photos at the 2-day event of Endless Summer Beach Festival:

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