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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Jabas Grill - Your Bulalo, Inasal, Sutukil, Samgyup Resto at Kauswagan Highway

Kauswagan Highway is known for car companies showrooms and display center, but it has been thriving with a good number of establishments lately, like cafes, fast food chain, food park, and restaurants. One of the latest dining options you will find along Kauswagan Highway is Jabas Grill.

If you are looking for good and flavorsome food, you should visit Jabas Grill at KM3, Kauswagan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City. They offer a wide variety of cuisine such Bulalo, Inasal, Sutukil, Sisig, Korean Style Samgyupsal and a lot more options to choose from their menu.

Jabas Grill is an al fresco dining restaurant, so you'll love the cool fresh air while dining. What we love at Jabas Grill is their food, they make sure that the food they served are of the best quality and the good customer service is satisfactory.

They deliver through FoodPanda, just search for "Jabas Grill - Kauswagan" on your app and you will see an array of good food offerings. While delivery and takeout are still the best option for busy people, there's still nothing like going to the actual restaurant and experience good food and quality service, together with your family and friends.

Weekend nights will make your dining experience at Jabas Grill an extra special, because they will have an acoustic live performance to complete your experience with good food, thirst quenching drinks and good music. But if you love to perform on stage, the stage is open for anyone to showcase their singing talent.

We tried their Samgyupsal Set which is shareable good for 2-3 person - it's affordable and we love it for the following price:

Chicken - P398.00

Beef - P450.00 

(Includes meat, shrimp, rice, tuna cubes, squid balls, hotdogs, kimchi, samjang, tokboki, egg roll, oreo doughnut, banana stick, korean pizza,  kimbap, soup, rice, lettuce.)

But if you want unlimited, go for their Samgyupsal Unli with the following price (No sharing):

Chicken - P298.00

Beef -  P298.00

Beef & Chicken - P450.00

(Includes meat of your choice, squid balls, hotdogs, kikiam, kimchi, samjang, tokboki, egg roll, oreo doughnut, banana stick, korean pizza,  kimbap, soup, rice, lettuce.)

Their sabaw is espesyal! They served us Bulalo and oh boy, it is so good, they have different servings from solo to extra large which is good for group orders.

We also have RM and Balbacua, it's the best! 

Their Sizzling Chicken Sisig is served freshly cooked from the kitchen and it is flaming hot (literaly), it is best paired as your pulutan with your favorite cold beer and other alcoholic beverages.

For the healthy individuals, they serve sizzling vegetables.

Their Grilled Chicken Inasal is a must-try, and they introduced to us their Spicy chicken, you can opt from medium to hot spicy if you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Jabas Grill offers a lot more from their menu and it is best to visit them now. 

They are located at Kauswagan Highway, in-front of Caltex NHA and Chevrolet Showroom, beside ALU Building.

Here are the menu and prices:

For orders, reservations, and more information, call them at 0951-1967-663.

Check their FB Page at

Check out this video below for preview of their Restaurant and foods.

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