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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Automate your Lifestyle and Enjoy a World of Convenience with your Smart Home at Intalio Estates

The word INTALIO is derived from the Italian word “Intaglio” which means ‘to engrave’.  This process of transforming  the most basic materials into a work of art requires patience, strength, and expertise --- the very same principles where Intalio Estates are being built on.

Weecomm Magnum is set to bring you a home that is built to last, set in stone for the beautiful memories you are set to engrave. A space that grows with you and gets more beautiful with each moment, each memory and each story that you make in it. 

Intalio Estates is the flagship project of Wee Comm Magnum Properties, Cagayan de Oro’s newest innovative and dynamic real estate developer, built from the combined expertise of well-known developers and companies in the country.

Wee Comm Magnum is set to bring you the home you’ve been dreaming for, set in stone and built to last like the beautiful memories you are going to make.

Intalio Estates, a home that is built to last, has a solid foundation of stories shared with those whom you love. Engrave priceless memories that endure a lifetime.

What sets Intalio Estates apart from the others? 

From ceiling heights to PPR pipes, we use the best type of materials possible. We consider the local climate and even the possible repair costs so that you don’t have to worry. 

What makes an Intalio Estates home special? 

It’s built with quality. From bedroom ceilings to bathroom floorings, we use materials with durability, functionality, and aesthetics in mind. 

At Intalio Estates, we strive hard to give you the best living experience possible. That’s why our residential community is designed with lots of open spaces and amenities to suit your lifestyle needs. Intalio Estates is the place where you can have fun, live freely, and engrave beautiful memories with your family. 

Dreaming of your very own smart home? Say hello to our smart home automation.

Enjoy remote access to your switches, sockets, and adaptors. BTW, we have smart cameras too! Available in our Magnum, Vita, and Rocca units. 

Address: Zone 4, Sitio Agong. Brgy Canitoan Hi-way, Cagayan de Oro City

Location Map: Intalio Estates

  • Situated close to the heart of the city
  • Located less than an hour away from Laquindingan Airport
  • Only a 20-minute drive to the city proper.

House Models:

Each house model at Intalio Estates is built on the principles of Bioclimactic Architecture, intuitively designed to be in harmony with its lush natural surroundings and warm local climate so you can enjoy the comfort of living in a beautiful, modern home that is also energy-efficient.

Your new home at Intalio is crafted with  flexibility and functionality in mind as each design element has been intended not only for aesthetics but also for its practical use.

Your new home at Intalio is crafted with flexibility and functionality in mind and each design element has been added not only for aesthetics but also for its functional use.

  • Large windows for more lighting and ventilation
  • High ceilings for more air circulation
  • Transcom & Clerestory windows for additional lighting
  • Minimalist detail on the house
  • Emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines

VITA: A home ready for a future you are building—Vita. The Latin word for life, Vita is the perfect unit for those who seek to live the good life. 

Floor Area: 70sqm
Lot Area: 88sqm 

Total Contract Price: 4,614,548.29
Monthly Equity: 36,116.39

Monthly Amortization:
5 yrs: 73,098.87
10 yrs: 42,863.05
15 yrs: 33.181,49
20 yrs: 28,621.23


ROCCA:  An upgraded home for your growing family—Rocca. Defined as a stronghold or fortress, Rocca is the best home to establish your fort and strengthen your bonds with your loved ones.

Floor Area: 80sqm
Lot Area: 99sqm 

Total Contract Price: 5,077,972.43
Monthly Equity: 35,556.95 (28 months)

Monthly Amortization:
5 yrs: 80,439.95
10 yrs: 47,167.65
15 yrs: 36,513.80
20 yrs: 31,495.57


OROA home brimming with possibilities—Oro. Live golden in a place with lots of opportunities for you and your growing family. Invest in a house where your dreams can run free.

Floor Area: 60sqm 
Lot Area: 77sqm 

Total Contract Price: 4,336,401.72
Monthly Equity: 30,260.01 (28 Months)

Monthly Amortization:
5 yrs: 68,692
10 yrs: 40,279.44
15 yrs: 31,181.44
20 yrs: 26,896.06


MAGNUMA home for the established—Magnum. Our most spacious model yet, this unit gives you all the space you need for your family to rest comfortably and live beyond the ordinary.

Floor Area: 90sqm
Lot Area: 110sqm 

Total Contract Price: 5,597,109.48
Monthly Equity: 42,285.46 (26 months)

Monthly Amortization:
5 yrs: 88,663.58
10 yrs: 51,989.75
15 yrs: 40.246.72
20 yrs: 34.715.46


FRESCOA beautiful starter home for young professionals or new couples—Fresco. Whether you’re going for the independent lifestyle or eyeing your first family home, Fresco is the way to go. 

Floor Area: 45sqm
Lot Area: 66sqm

Total Contract Price: 3,109,027.16
Monthly Equity: 20,060.18 (30 months)

Monthly Amortization:
5 yrs: 49,249.97
10 yrs: 28,878.75
15 yrs: 22,355.85
20 yrs: 19,283.40

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