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Monday, September 19, 2022

Metro Square and Market - The Newest Commercial Center for Business & Commerce, Shopping, Leisure and Food Trips in Barangay Iponan

The newest and biggest commercial center in Barangay Iponan - the Metro Square and Market was formally inaugurated last Saturday, September 17, 2022.

It will become a commercial center of Centro Iponan and nearby places in the western part of CDO, since it has an estimated total of 200 tenant mix, from convenience store, grocery, pharmacy, wet market, appliance center, cafe, food court, KTV rooms, Boutique Inn, and many more. It is an open air kind of mall where everything you need is here - a very convenient central area for business, commerce, shopping and leisure for everyone around the residential subdivision community of Iponan.

Metro Square has 3 large buildings that will cater to a mix retail establishments but the middle building will most likely be for the food business where the wet market, food court area and cafes are located. It is going to be the food hub for the residents of Iponan and nearby places. So there's no need for the western Cagay-anons to travel to the downtown or uptown area to enjoy different food offerings, coz there's going to be a wide selection of food offerings here from different types of food tenants.

Watch out for the Grand Opening on October 8, 2022, where most of the tenants will finally open to public. Metro Square and Market is located at Road to Centro Iponan near Villamar and Cambridge Subdivisions, Iponan, Cagayan de Oro City.

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