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Thursday, November 17, 2022

The #1 Premium Meal Plan in Metro Manila "The Six Pack Chef" is now in CDO!

Wanted to have that healthy eating habit but doesn't have the capacity to prepare and shopping for healthy foods for your body goals?

We have a better solutions for you, so you can stick to your healthy lifestyle goal easy and convenient for you. Plus we will give you a 50% Off Promo code, for you to enjoy the Six Pack Chef here in CDO!

Introducing, The Six Pack Chef! The best tasting high protein meals delivered straight to your door. Your online chef for getting wholesome meals without the hassle of meal planning, shopping, prepping and storing. And it is now available here in Cagayan de Oro City! 

With Six Pack Chef, you have no excuses to redefine your diet experience with the best tasting high protein meals delivered straight to your doorstep everyday. Because it makes healthy eating easy, enjoyable, and convenient for everyone.

Redefining healthy since 2014!

Founded in 2014, they have grown to become Metro Manila’s largest and #1 premium healthy meal company empowering their customers to achieve their ultimate health & fitness goals by conveniently providing the customers with the best tasting healthy meals everyday.

Why customers love the Six Pack Chef?

  1. Health conscious customers love Six Pack Chef because they provide customers with full flexibility in ordering their meals and being able to book only for the days they need and the meals they want.
  2. Daily changing menu that’s specially curated by the Six Pack Chef team of in-house R&D Chefs so you never get bored of eating healthy.
  3. Premium, healthy and delicious, meals with transparent calories, macros, and ingredients breakdown down to the last ingredient used.
  4. Deliciously made fresh everyday by professional chefs and delivered straight to your home or any address you want in the city.

How it works?

  1. Create account or login to the website.
  2. Select all the dates you want meals delivered.
  3. Select the meals you want for each chosen date.
  4. Select your delivery address and delivery time.
  5. Add to cart and checkout.

Don't forget to use our promo code CAGAYANTODAY50 to get a 50% DISCOUNT.

They are now ready to serve Cagayan de Oro! Visit their website, create your account for free, and order your healthy meal now at:

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