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Friday, March 17, 2023

Camiguin's "Isle be There" Campaign: Inviting Tourists to Rediscover the Island's Beauty

Camiguin Island in the Philippines has launched a new tourism campaign called "Isle be There," aimed at enticing tourists to visit the island after the pandemic's devastating impact. The province has undergone significant transformation and development, with the local communities and establishments working together to ensure the success of the campaign.

Governor Xavier Jesus Romualdo announced that the "Isle be There" campaign is part of the province's transformation and development plans. The campaign aims to promote Camiguin's beauty and attractions and encourage more tourists to visit the island. The province is embracing smart tourism, making it easier for tourists to explore and enjoy the island's beauty through the use of technology.

Camiguin aims to reach one million tourists by 2025, with 800,000 tourists visiting since January. The Mantigue Island Tourism Plan, worth PHP250 million, aims to enhance facilities for water and power, waste management, docking and mooring, guest services and amenities, safety and security, and emergency response. These improvements will undoubtedly provide a better experience for tourists and boost the island's tourism industry.

The "Isle be There" campaign is unique in that it offers relaxation of restrictions for tourists who have not received Covid-19 vaccines. Unvaccinated tourists can still visit the island as long as they present a negative Covid-19 test obtained from a Department of Health-accredited clinic or testing center within the last two days. This initiative allows more people to experience the island's beauty and helps local businesses recover from the pandemic's economic impact.

Camiguin is known for its natural attractions, such as the Sunken Cemetery, the Old Spanish Church Ruins, and the Katibawasan Falls. The island is also popular for its White Island, a sandbar that disappears during high tide. The province offers a wide range of activities, including island hopping, trekking, and snorkeling.

Camiguin's "Isle be There" campaign is a fresh start for the island's tourism industry. The improvements and safety measures put in place will provide a more enjoyable experience for tourists. With the use of technology and cooperation from local communities and establishments, the campaign is expected to succeed. As we gradually recover from the pandemic, Camiguin's "Isle be There" campaign is a welcoming invitation for tourists to explore and experience the island's beauty.

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