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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Pinyapel: The Eco-Friendly Paper Made from Pineapple Leaves, Promoted by the DTI in Australia

DTI is making waves in the Australian market by promoting Pinoy-made eco-friendly paper 'Pinyapel'. Pinyapel is a specialty paper made from discarded pineapple leaves, and the coined term is a portmanteau of pinya (pineapple) and papel (paper).

The DTI Design Center's materials research and development program spearheaded the Pinyapel project with the objective of creating sustainable, commercially feasible, and affordable materials while also bolstering local enterprises. The specialty paper is locally made and specifically designed for packaging applications such as corrugated paper cups, cup sleeves, and gift bags.

Pinyapel is a tree-free paper made entirely from pineapple leaves. It was developed by the Design Center of the Philippines in partnership with Cagayan de Oro Handmade Papercraft, Nature's Fresh, and IdeaTechs Packaging to address two issues simultaneously: deforestation and agricultural waste.

The Pinyapel project is a solution to deforestation by providing an alternative source of fiber that does not require the use of trees. The production of Pinyapel is also a solution to agricultural waste by utilizing discarded pineapple leaves that would otherwise be burned or left to rot.

The DTI aims to promote Pinyapel as one of the sustainable products in the Australian market. This will not only help reduce the environmental impact of traditional paper production, but it will also help support local Philippine enterprises that produce Pinyapel.

The promotion of Pinyapel in the Australian market is an important step towards sustainable practices in the paper industry. By choosing eco-friendly alternatives like Pinyapel, consumers can make a difference in protecting the environment and reducing waste.

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