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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Ongoing Redevelopment of Divisoria: Phase 1 and Resilience Center Construction

The ongoing redevelopment of Divisoria, Phase 1, and the construction of the Resilience Center have reached significant milestones as of June 15, 2023. Notable progress has been made in the Operation Kahusay ug Kalinaw (OKK) building, and the next phase of the project, which involves the development of Magsaysay Park, is already underway.

Transforming Plaza Divisoria

This ambitious endeavor is part of Project Lunhaw, a comprehensive plan to revitalize and transform Plaza Divisoria into a vibrant urban recreational attraction. The primary objective of Project Lunhaw is to create expansive open spaces that stretch from the Divisoria area to the Amphitheater, extending all the way down to the riverside. This seamless connection will then continue towards Duaw Park and further downstream to the CDO River Boulevard. The envisioned result is a lively and inviting recreational destination within Cagayan de Oro City.

Bringing Greenery and Recreation Together

The term "Lunhaw" translates to "green" or "verdant" in English, perfectly encapsulating the vision for this project. Project Lunhaw aims to convert the remaining open spaces along the City Hall riverside and downstream into modern recreational areas that cater to a variety of activities. The transformed spaces will be ideal for picnics, biking, jogging, or simply leisurely walks along the river esplanade.

Proposed Areas for Development

Several key locations have been earmarked for development under Project Lunhaw. These areas include:

Duaw Park
: Located within the vicinity of Divisoria, Duaw Park will undergo a significant transformation to become a climate-resilient recreational area. The park will feature an abundance of trees, shrubs, flowers, and lush greenery, providing visitors with fresh air, shade, and a serene ambiance.

: The riverside area, adjacent to the City Hall, will also undergo a remarkable revitalization. The plan is to create an inviting river esplanade adorned with green landscapes, enabling residents and tourists alike to enjoy the scenic beauty and peacefulness offered by the CDO River.

: The landside area, which connects Divisoria to the Amphitheater, will be transformed into a vibrant space that seamlessly integrates with the overall vision of Project Lunhaw. By incorporating elements of nature and incorporating well-designed amenities, the landside will provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for visitors.

: The Amphitheater, a prominent feature of Divisoria, will undergo enhancements to better accommodate various cultural and recreational events. It will be an inviting space for concerts, performances, and community gatherings, fostering a sense of community spirit and engagement.

Plaza Divisoria
: As the central hub of the redevelopment efforts, Plaza Divisoria will be the focal point of the transformation. The square will be revitalized into a vibrant and inclusive public space, attracting residents and visitors from all walks of life.

A Vision for Resilience and Recreation

The ongoing redevelopment of Divisoria, along with the construction of the Resilience Center, represents a significant step forward in realizing the goals of Project Lunhaw. Once completed, this ambitious transformation will offer a vibrant, eco-friendly, and resilient recreational attraction in Cagayan de Oro City.


The ongoing redevelopment of Divisoria, Phase 1, and the construction of the Resilience Center are making great strides toward the realization of Project Lunhaw. With the integration of green spaces, modern amenities, and a vision for community engagement, Cagayan de Oro City will soon have a revitalized urban recreational area that showcases the harmony between nature and development.

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