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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Empowering Communities: President Bongbong Marcos' Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair Makes Waves in Cagayan de Oro City

President Bongbong Marcos' Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair in Cagayan de Oro City marked a significant milestone in the region's journey towards inclusive development and equitable access to essential services. Hosted by 1st District Congressman of CDO, Cong. Atty. Lordan Suan, and supported by 2nd District Congressman Cong. Rufus Rodriguez, along with the esteemed members of the 19th Congress of the Philippines led by House Speaker Martin Romualdez, the event garnered widespread acclaim for its comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of the local populace.

The success of the fair can be attributed to the concerted efforts of key individuals and institutions committed to uplifting the lives of Filipinos. Congressman Atty. Lordan Suan's leadership and vision, coupled with the unwavering support of Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and House Speaker Martin Romualdez, were instrumental in orchestrating this momentous occasion.

The Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair served as a platform to deliver a diverse array of programs and services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the community. From economic assistance to educational support, the fair aimed to address various facets of development and empowerment.

  • Cash Assistance and Rice Distribution (CARD) Program - One of the cornerstone initiatives of the fair was the CARD Program, which provided much-needed financial relief to 3,000 beneficiaries, accompanied by the distribution of rice to alleviate food insecurity.
  • Presidential Assistance to Farmers, Fisherfolk & Families - Recognizing the vital role of agriculture in sustaining livelihoods, the fair extended assistance to 10,000 farmers, fisherfolk, and their families, ensuring their continued prosperity and resilience.
  • Start-up, Investments, Business Opportunities, and Livelihood (SIBOL) Program - Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth, the SIBOL Program offered support to 3,000 individuals seeking to embark on business ventures or expand existing enterprises.
  • Integrated Scholarships and Incentives (ISIP) Program - Investing in the future of the nation, the ISIP Program provided educational opportunities to 2,000 deserving scholars, equipping them with the tools to pursue their academic aspirations.

The overwhelming response from the beneficiaries underscored the tangible impact of the programs on their lives. Expressing gratitude and optimism, they hailed the fair as a beacon of hope and renewal, heralding a brighter future for generations to come.

Beyond its immediate benefits, the Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair holds profound significance for the socio-economic landscape of Cagayan de Oro City and beyond. By fostering inclusivity and empowerment, the event laid the groundwork for sustainable development and shared prosperity.

As the initiatives introduced during the fair take root and flourish, they are poised to catalyze transformative change across various sectors. From poverty alleviation to skills development, the long-term implications of these programs are poised to reshape the fabric of society, ushering in a new era of progress and opportunity.

President Bongbong Marcos' Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair in Cagayan de Oro City stands as a testament to the power of collective action and visionary leadership in driving positive change. Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, the fair has set a precedent for effective governance and citizen-centric policymaking, laying the foundation for a more equitable and prosperous future. 

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