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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

PokeGym and PokeStop Map Guide in CDO for Pokemon Go Masters

The latest craze in Mobile Game Application the augmented reality 3D game Pokemon Go is now finally available to play in the Philippines started last Sunday, August 6, 2016.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, we can see how the people are patronizing the game. Well, on its first week, you can see people around Pokestops are gathering specially when someone started a Lure Module to attract Pokemon to a pokestop for 30 minutes which will benefit other people nearby. You will know the Lure Module is activated on a certain PokeStop because confetti rains down around that certain PokeStop and the catching party is on!

Here in CDO, there are few Pokestops and PokeGyms around. Here are the list and map of Pokestops and PokeGyms created by The Red Gym Icon is for PokeGym and The Blue Icon is for PokeStop.

Usually, Pok├ęStops and Gyms are at the following types of places:

  1. Libraries and other public buildings
  2. Places of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques and so on)
  3. Parks
  4. Museums
  5. Art, statues, unique architecture (landmarks)
  6. Historic locations
  7. Hidden gems and hyper-local spots

PokeStop (Sea Gentiles for Christ Ministries Church)
PokeStop (Justiniano R. Borja Monument)
PokeStop (Jose Rizal Monument)
PokeStop (Centennial of Freemasonry in Mindanao)
PokeStop (El Pueblo A Sus Heroes)
PokeStop (Vintage Car Mural at Grand Central)
PokeStop (The Best of Butcher's Mural of Life)
PokeGym (Ramon Magsaysay Monument)
PokeStop (Peacock Glass Art - Dynasty Hotel)
PokeStop (Our Lady of Lourdes)
PokeStop (Lourdes Statue)
PokeStop (Pineapply Marker)
PokeStop (Cagayan De Oro City Hall)
PokeStop (Gaston Park Stage)
PokeStop (St Agustine Church Fountain)
PokeStop (Labanan Sa Cagayan De Misamis Tablet)
PokeStop (City Museum of Cagayan De Oro)
PokeGym (St. Augustine Cathedral - POV)
PokeGym (Tablet Memorial of Cathedral of St. Agustine, Cagayan De Oro City)
PokeStop (TV Patrol 25 Memorial Marker for the Victims of Typhoon Sendong)
PokeGym (Maguindanao Masonic Temple)
PokeStop (Ang Bola Ni Fountain)
PokeStop (Rotary Club Memorial Marker)
PokeStop (Cagayan De Oro City Public Library)
PokeStop (Josefa Llanes Escoda Memorial Bust)
PokeStop (Santa Cruz Chapel)
PokeStop (Kabajong Puti'g Tijan Statue)
PokeStop (CDO City Street Art 2)
PokeStop (CDO City Street Art 1)
PokeStop (Our Lady of Fatima Chapel)
PokeStop (Press Freedom Monument)
PokeStop (Capitol Ground Water Fountain)
PokeStop (Jesus Statue)
PokeStop (Cagayan De Oro Park Fountain)
PokeGym (Provincial Capital of Misamis)
PokeStop (United Church of Christ)
PokeStop (Seda Spindles)
PokeStop (Centrio Tree of Life)
PokeStop (Havaianas Hot Air Balloons)
PokeStop (Jesus Nazareno Parish CDO)
PokeStop (Don Stephen Gaisano Portrait)
PokeStop (Le Globe de Lifestyle District)
PokeStop (Johnnie Walker Art)
PokeStop (Laureana San Pedro Rosales)
PokeGym (Silver Ring Modern Art)
PokeGym (Museum of Three Cultures)
PokeStop (Seventh-Day Adventist Church)
PokeStop (San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish)
PokeStop (Church of Jesus Christ)
PokeStop (General McArthur's Hat Marker)
PokeStop (Agora Terminal)
PokeStop (Ramen Tei Fountain)
PokeGym (MUST Entrance Sign)
PokeStop (Kagay-anon Brick Fountain)
PokeStop (Pillar Mural)
PokeStop (Great Ceiling Wall Art of Limketkai Centre)
PokeStop (Pizza Delight Mural)
PokeStop (MBS Abstract Art 1)
PokeStop (MBS Abstract 2)
PokeGym (Mallberry Suites Fountain)
PokeStop (Hi C Wall Art)
PokeStop (Lifestyle District Globe)
PokeStop (Touch and Heal Ball Fountain)
PokeStop (Jade Carp Fountain)
PokeStop (Creative Shell Wall Art)
PokeGym (Cucina De Oro Water Falls)
PokeStop (Northern Mindanao Practical Shooting Association - Firing Range)
PokeStop (Maria Reyna Mary & Cherubim Statue)
PokeStop (San Antonio De Padua Parish Church)
PokeStop (Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue)
PokeStop (First Assembly of God Church)
PokeGym (Oro Islamic Center)
PokeStop (Cagayan Gospel Church)
PokeStop (Oro Baptist Church)
PokeStop (Night Cafe New Bola Ni Fountain)
PokeStop (Hosanna Unity Church)
PokeStop (Hollywood 3D Wall Art)
PokeStop (Rodelsa Circle)
PokeStop (Father and Son Statue)
PokeStop (Loyola House)
PokeStop (St. Ignatius Layola Statue)
PokeStop (Virgin of the Poor Statue)
PokeStop (St. Francis Xavier Statue)
PokeStop (Mother Mary Statue)
PokeGym (Religious of the Assumption House)
PokeStop (Lake Mural)
PokeStop (Latter Day Saints Church)
PokeGym (Christ Lutheran Church)
PokeStop (Faith Baptist Church)
PokeStop (Red Lady Statue of G-Galyx)
PokeGym (Buddhist Missionary Institute)
PokeStop (Bell Church Cagayan De Oro City)
PokeStop (Jireh Reformed Congregational Church)
PokeStop (Lestonnac Youth Center)
PokeStop (Guru Nanak Indian Temple)
PokeStop (Immaculate Conception Parish)
PokeStop (Sta. Cruz Church)
PokeGym (Xavier Estates Tower)
PokeStop (Xavier Estates Church)
PokeStop (Ridgeview Chalets Welcome Statues)
PokeStop (Green Fountain)
PokeGym (Pueblo De Oro Park)
PokeStop (Concentrix)
PokeStop (Merry Go Round)
PokeGym (Regatta Beacon Fountain)
PokeStop (The Courtyards Fountain)
PokeStop (St. Francis Xavier Parish Church)
PokeGym (Wood and Rock Sculpture)
PokeStop (Pryce Plaque)
PokeStop (National Baptist Church)
PokeStop (Abstract Fish Pond)
PokeStop (Pueblo De Oro Fountain)
PokeGym (GSIS Post Office)
PokeStop (Santuario Eucaristico Parish)
PokeStop (Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Groto)
PokeStop (La Castilla Museum)
PokeStop (Liceo De Cagayan University)
PokeStop (Lasang Ug Santuario Ni San Antonio)
PokeGym (San Isidro Labrado Parish)
PokeStop (N Hotel Fountain Pond)
PokeStop (Elephant Statue)
PokeStop (Diamond Evangelical Church)
PokeGym (Mini Tank Model)
PokeStop (Tank 2 Model)
PokeStop (Mary Grotto and Bell Tower)
PokeGym (San Roque Chapel)
PokeGym (Green Hills Virgin Mary Grotto)
PokeStop (Greenhills Memorial Park Chapel 1)
PokeStop (Greenhills Memorial Park Chapel 2)
PokeStop (Transfiguration of Jesus Christ)
PokeStop (Divine Shepherd Statue)
PokeGym (St. Peregrine Church)
PokeStop (Iglesia Filipina Independence Pro Cathedral of the Virgin Mary)
PokeGym (Immaculate Conception Parish)
PokeStop (CDO Marker)
PokeStop (JCI Kagayan Gold Statue)
PokeGym (Oro Builders Eagle Club)
PokeStop (Bulua Bus Terminal Entrance)
PokeStop (Opol Townhall)
PokeStop (Barangay Hall)
PokeStop (Our Lady of the Snow Parish)
PokeStop (Laguindingan International Airport)
PokeStop (Iglesia Filipina Independiente Church)
PokeStop (Initao Bus Terminal)
PokeStop (Seventh Day Adventist Church)
PokeStop (Iglesia Ni Cristo Church)
PokeStop (St. Francis of Assissi Church)
PokeGym (Jose Rizal Statue)
PokeStop (Sacred Heart of Jesus)
PokeStop (San Isidro Labrador Church)
PokeStop (San Isidro Bell Tower)
PokeStop (United Church of Christ in the Philippines)
PokeStop (The Church In Inaawan)
PokeStop (Alliance Church)

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