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Saturday, August 13, 2016

THE SPACE - The 1st co-working space in CDO

CDO's finest hub for online professionals is now open located at 1st Floor, Knightbridge Building, Tomas Saco-15th Street, Nazareth, CDO.

Work by yourself but not on your own.

The space is a service offering of Entuent, an International company with presence in Australia and the Philippines.

Entuent has an entrepreneurial spirit, and exists to create innovative services that automate and improve business processes and systems, especially for freelancers, small business and start­ups. Currently it operates AwayTeam (an ethical outsourcing brand that employs Filipino online workers on behalf of Australian business), and The Space.

Matthew Tew is the Executive Director of Entuent, and lives between Cagayan de Oro and Melbourne, Australia.

Why The Space?

Entuent champions online (freelance) work, and new ways of working. Through AwayTeam, we have been providing online workers regularized employment positions working from home throughout the Philippines.

We recognized that while working from home has many advantages, online workers often need an alternative work space due to power and Internet failures, social connection, or simply to get out of the house.  Working at cafes comes with an obligation to purchase food and drink, and
Internet Cafe’s are often noisy and not conducive to productive work. Co­working spaces are opening all over the world as a viable alternative working environment for online workers.

The Philippines presents a unique circumstance, however; Filipino online workers often work for clients in significantly different time zones. To cater for this, The Space will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have built a platform that allows access by swiping a membership card, providing for a secure, unmanned operation.

Pending the success of the pilot location in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro, Entuent plans to open up The Space in emerging, regional locations throughout the Philippines. These spaces will be positioned in prominent shop­front style locations close to public transport and amenities, and most importantly: where people live.

Soft Launch: Cagayan De Oro
On Friday, 12th August, 2016, Entuent will be launching The Space’s first location in Cagayan De Oro on the corner of 15th Street and Tomas Saco, Nazareth.

As an experiment in organic, lean establishment, the necessary refurbishment of the location has taken longer than planned, but we believe it is well worth the wait.

The Space is on a busy street corner, with a number of transport options outside the door. It offers a vibrant, clean, open and contemporary interior design, unlimited high speed fiber Internet, free filtered water, free tea and coffee, air conditioning and 24/7 access.

For the week following the launch, the Space will be open between 7am and 6pm with free access to members of the public to visit and try out working at the location. After the 17th August, access will be granted to members only, but new members are able to gain a free week of access on registration simply by sharing The Space with their friends on social media or by email.

How it works

Access to The Space is by membership only. All members have membership cards, which can be collected prior to registration at promotional events and at partner locations (such as Pane e Dolci on 8th Street) or be delivered to the member’s home address after registration. Each member selects an ongoing plan. Currently the plans are: Day Pass, Night Pass, Weekly and Monthly. The plan can be changed at any time. When the member visits The Space for the first time, they scan their card at the door, and the cost of the plan is deducted from their account balance, or charged directly to a Credit Card, and the member is granted unlimited access for the period of their selected plan. Once that period of time expires, the member simply renews their access by visiting The Space again.

The Space will offer a number of convenient payment options;

1. Load card:​ Load cards can be purchased over the counter at a number of nearby participating partner locations. The load card is simply swiped at the door after the
membership card to transfer the balance. The load card is then recycled for later use.

2. Member’s credit card:​ The member can provide their credit card details on registration or later, and the card will be automatically charged when a plan is activated by swiping the member’s access card at the door.

3. Client credit card:​ If the member is working for a client and the client agrees, they can provide the client’s credit card for payment. As a bonus, plans purchased in this manner can avail of a 20% discount.

4. Online load: ​Load can be bought online using Paypal, GCash or SmartMoney.

For ore info please visit their website at:

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