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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Juan Effect Sustainable Tourism Program Launched to Help Save our Environment!

Saving our natural resources, protecting our surroundings and environment, climate change, global warming, decreased rainfall, increased temperature; constant humidity, change in the arrival of seasons are just few concerns that we are all facing right now. It maybe overwhelming for each individual to help prevent all those concerns but with our own little ways of doing what is better for the nature, can be a big impact if we start it within ourselves.

Last August, Cebu Pacific together with the DOT, they launched the Juan Effect Sustainable Tourism Program. Cebu Pacific started a movement to help safe mother earth by shifting to recyclable, eco-friendly utensils for all flights which started last October 1, 2018.

This project aims to engage travelers and local stakeholders to mitigate the impact of tourist arrivals on the environment. Juan Effect aims to encourage responsible travel among passengers, and empower everyone to change at least one everyday habit. On a local level, Juan Effect will collaborate with island stakeholders to concerted action for the conservation of the environment.

As a start of this project, Cebu Pacific replaced non-recyclable plastic spoons, forks, stirrers and cups with sustainable alternatives on all its domestic and international flights starting last October 1, 2018.

The Juan Effect is a sustainable tourism program of Cebu Pacific Air, the leading airline in the Philippines.

It has three components:

1. We advocate for each person to make simple pledges to help preserve the beauty of the Philippines' most popular island destinations.

2. We work with local stakeholders of select Philippine island destinations to achieve solid waste management targets, to pave the way for a more sustainable tourism industry.

3. We implement even more environment-friendly processes in the airline, and invest accordingly. Learn more

We hope that together, we can create Juan big effect on the future of our Philippine islands.

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Juan Effect is a multi-sectoral advocacy in partnership with the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT), and supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

So, by changing 1 everyday habit like bringing your own reusable water bottle to work or wherever you go will at least lessen the use of disposable plastic bottle being thrown after use. Or by simply throwing your trash properly will be a big impact with your community and the environment. Also by bringing your own eco bag when you go shopping is such a big help to save our mother earth.

You can help this project by making a pledge by visiting, Choose a pledge card and share on your social media accounts!

Together we can help save our environment!

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