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Friday, May 10, 2019

Do we need oppositions in our government?

In a democratic country, opposition counts. They function with checks and balances. They also rely on transparency, accountability and responsibility. But sometimes, oppositions tend to oppose a certain project or any aspects just to oppose against the administration, because they are not in good term with the administration. That is one thing not good about oppositions, they tend to be unrealistic if they put the political biases on a personal level.

Yes, we need oppositions in our government as long as the oppositions are rational with their judgements and decisions. We need opposition leaders who will check what is really going on with our government, because we don't want the administration to just do whatever they wanted to do in the government. We needed the oppositions to do the balance in every decisions in the government. That way the interest of the major public will be protected. No matter what, governments have to pay respect to the presence of opposition, that is the essence of democracy. Not because the majority people has voted a certain candidate, it doesn't mean that it is automatic that whatever they dictates in the government should always be followed. Of course, there are other views and opinions from the minorities and it should also be heard and will be taken into consideration. That is the way democracy being run.

That is why, straight voting is not a wise action. It doesn't mean just because certain politician runs under a certain party that you like, it is automatic that they are also the best one for certain position. Opposition represents an alternative government, and is responsible for challenging the policies of the government and producing different policies where appropriate.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, we are happy that there are oppositions running for mayoral office, that means they wanted something good for our city and whatever happens, whoever will win the highest position in the city, may it be incumbent or opposition, we as a citizen will respect the outcome of the election and support them because they have a good plan and good interest about the city and we need the oppositions with that especially in the council.

So, with this coming election (May 13, 2019), we pray for a peaceful and sucessful election in the city and in the whole country. It is our duty to elect the best to lead in our government, not because they are famous, not because they are rich, not because your kumare or kumpare are campaigning for certain candidate, but because you believe on that person and you think he is the best for such position and will do the job satisfactorily. So cast your votes wisely, it is your rights and duties as a Filipino.

God bless Cagayan de Oro!

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