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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Be Smarter than a Scammer - #BDOAntiScam

Having been a BDO client for many years, I feel thankful to all the BDO employees who have helped me with my transactions with the bank. They’ve all made me feel assured and secure about my money even in times of uncertainty—like when the pandemic happened and our collective anxiety over our health and our immediate future reached a peak. The staff at my BDO branch have always proven respectful, dependable, trustworthy, and accommodating towards my needs and concerns. This is why I am a satisfied BDO client.

Still, recent events are a lesson to all of us: we need to use our own critical thinking skills and we need to know the proper channels for bank transactions. We need to pay only through those proper channels. If we don’t, we risk getting scammed and losing money.   

When dealing with your bank and its employees, especially in payment transactions, remember to strictly follow this advice: Pay for your loan-related payments and other transactions only through proper bank channels.

Proper bank channels include: 

a) Over the counter at your bank branch; and 

b) Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) Payments that you have arranged with your bank branch. These are the most secure and reliable payment channels for your loan-related payments to your bank. 

If a person—anybody, even if it is your friend, a family member, or even an employee at your bank—tells you to make loan-related payments to other channels, that should be a big, flashing warning sign. 

If that person tells you to give your payment to him or her directly, or to transfer payment to his or her personal account; or to any other bank account or e-wallet account—be on your guard.  Better say no and instead go to your bank branch directly. 

Be suspicious if a person asking you to pay a down payment or any sort of payment to them while your loan is being processed. Likewise, be suspicious if a person asks you for a payment as a requirement for the release of your loan proceeds. 

In short, for any payment related to your bank loan, go directly to your bank branch.  Sometimes, our cultural habits leave us vulnerable to scams. We tend to trust people who claim to be “insiders” or “well-connected” to our bank and we let our guard down and give them our money directly. No, do not do that.  Pay only through the two proper bank channels mentioned earlier. 

Moreover, BDO will never ask to check your account through links. Use official BDO app or type the official BDO web address in a browser. 

Follow this advice consistently to prevent the stress and heartache that a scam will inflict on you.

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