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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Court approves ₱1B cyber libel case against Enchong

Court approves ₱1B cyber libel case against Enchong

The cyber libel case filed by Congresswoman Claudine Diana Bautista-Lim, party-list representative of Drivers United for Mass Progress and Equal Rights or DUMPER, against Kapamilya actor Enchong Dee was filed and approved in a court in Davao Occidental.

Earlier, news came out on December 27 that Bautista-Lim's complaint had gone to court, but on December 28, it was confirmed.

The complaint stemmed from the married party-list representative allegedly due to malicious and destructive comments made by the actor through his Twitter account regarding his marriage to fiance businessman Jose French 'Tracker' Lim held in Balesin Island Club, which is an exclusive resort in Quezon Province.

On the other hand, Enchong has already apologized on social media and admitted his mistake. But the damage has been done ’because the legislator seems serious to pursue the case against her after her pregnancy was allegedly in jeopardy.

Complaints were dismissed by six personalities, including celebrities Agot Isidro, Pokwang, and Ogie Diaz who also tweeted about it, but it was only freedom of expression, and not like Enchong, who he said was from in DUMPER funds were used in the lavish wedding. Three other individuals, Deedee Marie Holliday, Kristina Mae Misajon, and Jane Doe, were also acquitted in the case.

Agot tweeted: “That gown alone can feed hundreds (sic) of families of displaced drivers. And you’re representing which sector again, Cong. Claudine Bautista? ”

Pokwang posted: “Ok ano na? ang class ng representatives ng mga drivers ha… naka Michael Cinco na wedding gown… edi wow!!!! BONGGA KA DAI! BONGGA KA DAI!! Beep! Beep! Tabiiiii!l Ang masagasaan edi sorry…”

Ogie said: “Grabe si Ate na representative ng mga Drivers. Baka naman me accomplishments siya during pandemic. Pakilatag ang resibo.”

“Considering that these tweets are mere expressions of disapproval (or disgust, if you may) at varying degrees on the action, this Office could not attribute malice and ill motive to the said respondents who have taken upon themselves to be the so-called watchdogs of our society, ”part of the resolution approved by Davao Occidental Provincial Prosecutor Marte Melchor Velasco.

But Enchong's tweet was very different. He directly said that the money of commuters and drivers went to such a wedding.

“The money for commuters and drivers went to her wedding. Let us not prolong this conversation and don’t say otherwise,” Enchong tweeted on August 14.

Davao Occidental prosecutors Socrates Gersava, Eleanor Dela Pena, and Marie Kristine Reginio said, "Calling someone a thief, without proof and with heavy malice, is where to draw the line as this is already libelous."

Meanwhile, so far Enchong's camp has been silent on the issue. 

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