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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Spend Your Weekend and Holidays with Family and Friends at Amaya View

Amaya View

Looking for a perfect place in CDO to spend the weekends or holidays season with your family and friends?

You don't have to look any further because Amaya View has the complete amenities for your family and friends. Amaya View gives you not only breathtaking overlooking view of the city, but a one stop destination in the Skye!

Just a 20-minute drive from downtown CDO and you can play, chill, enjoy, dine and unwind within the city at Amaya View, because they have everything for you, no matter what your trips are. 

They have different leisure and recreational activities such as the famous Noah's Ark where you can see statue and live animals such as tigers, deers, rabbits, donkeys and ponies, turtles, etc. and of course the famous crocodile. You should also checkout the Noah's Aviary, where you can see all sorts of birds all around you.

Noah's Arc

They also have the Azul Infinity Pool for kids and adults, where you can enjoy the cool water while sipping your favorite drinks as they have bar by the pool and enjoy the awesome view of the city.

Azul Infinity Pool

For the adventure junkies, Paragliding is here for you to experience something extreme! It is a first in CDO and also the only Paragliding adventure as of today in CDO. 

Paragliding at Amaya View

This is your easiest chance to experience flying in an instant. Amaya View supports Air Sports Tourism by being the main paragliding hub of Mindanao and a home base for NMPC (Northern Mindanao Paragliding Club).

The adventure doesn't end with Paragliding, because for those who aren't sure with flying but still want to experience some adrenaline rush, how about climbing and hanging adventures at Larry's Hill. This is the place where you can  test yourself and experience fun adventure at the same time with the following activities:

Larry's Hill

  • High Ropes
  • Low Ropes
  • Zip Line
  • Basic Rappelling
  • Wall Climbing
  • Leap Jump and Maze Tower
  • Bungee Jump
  • The Giant Swing
  • Ball Pit for the Kids

Or you can just cross to the Noah's Arc via Glass Skye Hanging Bridge and see for yourself the feel of adrenaline rush into your veins.

Skye Hanging Bridge

Glass Skye Hanging Bridge

But, if you just want to chill, no problem with that since Amaya View got it all for you! 

Amaya View

Amaya View

Amaya View

  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Bar

and they have the latest amenities for the singer wannabe's as Amaya View officially opens the Skye Bar and Music Lounge, they have spacious very affordable KTV Rooms with really big TV Screens for you to enjoy, and you can sing your heart out loud with their updated list of Karaoke songs. Their KTV rooms are good for 10, 15 and 20 pax capacity at a very affordable rate per hour.

Amaya View KTV room

Amaya View KTV room

Amaya View KTV room

It doesn't end there, because if you want to experience waking up in the morning at the highest peak of Cagayan de Oro City, Amaya got you covered as they have a perfect accommodation for you. 

casitas 1

For bigger and finest mountain accommodation for you and your family, Casitas de Amaya is the best option for you, it is located in a "forest" side of Amaya View and you can be sure of the privacy and peaceful staycation. 

Hobbit House

But if you are with your barkada and want some glamping experience and looking for a budget friendly accommodation, then you can't go wrong with their Hobbit Houses and experience middle earth staycation.

Hobbit House

Visit Amaya View with your family and friends. You may contact them at 0917 149 0641 or email at

Visit their Facebook page Amaya View for more information. 

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