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Monday, January 10, 2022

Backyard Barbecue a Roadside Texas Style Barbecue Joint in Cagayan de Oro City

Craving for good burger? Well, I am not talking about the usual bee burger that your kids love. But grown-ups burgers. Yes, there's a good burger and barbecue place that we all grown-ups would love. It's the Backyard Barbecue, a simple roadside Texas style barbecue joint in Cagayan de Oro City, they are located along Kauswagan Road but they also have branches at Pueblo de Oro and Nazareth.

Backyard Burgers is known for their Burgers and Texas Style Smoked Beef! We like to dine at their Kauswagan Branch because it has a nice relaxing ambiance along the Highway and it is also very accessible and is away from the congested traffic of Downtown and Uptown area.

They are serving Texas Style barbecue, Rice Meals, Buffalo Wings, Burgers and craft sandwiches, French fries, Milk Shakes and more. They have a range of Burgers that you can choose from their menu.

For Beer drinkers, you can also order 14 types of handcrafted beers here with Fat Pauly’s, a local brand of Iligan City that makes fresh home-brewed beers using both the finest imported brew grade malt and some local indigenous ingredients such as Timoga Spring waters, and wild Putyukan Honey.

For more information, you may call them at 09664694887 or checkout their Facebook page: Backyard Barbecue

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