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Friday, January 7, 2022

New Garden-Themed Cafe in Malasag Hill - Elysee Cafe, a new Chill Destination of Kagay-anons

Elysee Cafe at the Malasag House, Malasag, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City.

The Famous Malasag House that we usually see every time we went up to Malasag for the annual Holy Week's Station of the Cross is now open to public with their Elysee Cafe. 

Just 2.3KM distance or 6-8 minutes drive from the Highway, you will find a garden-themed cafe in the middle of Malasag Hill in Cugman with an over view of the city, a secluded, scenic spot with lush garden all around.

Best time to visit is around late afternoon until evening, because they have a beautiful lights around the trees that will surely astounds every visitor and compliments the garden, creating a cool and relaxing ambiance.

As of this posting, they are still on soft opening and they have limited tables and chairs that can accommodate for only few people because of the limitations during the pandemic. 

When we visited Elysee Cafe, although the place is huge and lovely, we just took pictures and stay for awhile standing and walking around because there are no available tables, and customers are just waiting around to get a chance for any available table. We didn't even get to order any drinks or food because the place cannot accommodate us any table yet that time. But we love the place, we can even recommend it for a wedding reception or birthday gatherings.

Hope to be back at Elysee Cafe next time and get a chance to try their menu offering.

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