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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Suan wants council to tackle tax amnesty, water shortage issues

Cagayan de Oro City Councilor and First District CDO Congressional aspirant Atty. Lordan Suan plans to ask the city legislative body to discuss the granting of tax amnesty to business owners as well as finding water shortage solutions as soon as the council reconvenes in a few days.

“Business permit renewals are up and we need to give our hardworking businessmen some form of economic reprieve. It would be nice if the city shows them some compassion. Let’s help the business community rise,” Suan said.

The legislator recommends real property tax amnesties as well as the waiving of penalties and surcharges for market vendor stall rentals.

In 2021, Suan received a letter duly signed by several Cogon market vendors asking for help with regard to their stall rentals. The vendors said that they had a difficult time due to the pandemic and asked that their rental surcharges and penalties be waived. 

Suan emphasized, however, that this does not exempt local entrepreneurs from paying taxes. Instead, this would “incentivize, inspire them to pay by reducing the amount through the removal of penalties and surcharges.”

“This will help re-ignite the business community and as a result, our local economy, too,” Suan said.

Meanwhile, the Minority Floor Leader also said that he will not stop looking for solutions to the city’s water-related problems. After Suan delivered a special report late last year, no committee hearing has been set yet.

“I’m hoping that the council makes this a priority. We have to act on this fast. The city’s budget is more than Php 7 Billion and yet numerous households do not even enjoy a very basic human right which is access to clean, safe and potable water,” Suan stressed.

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