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Monday, February 28, 2022

Cagayan de Oro's Historical City Amphitheater is Back

Amphitheater became the town's commercial center back in the days of the old Cagayan de Oro. Farmers from the mountains brought their produce via the Cagayan River, which is just a few meters behind the market. In 1958, City Mayor Justiniano R. Borja, transferred the public market to a bigger area in Cogon in a lot was donated by the Chaves family. This move created a new commercial center east of the City. 

In place of the old market, Mayor J.R. Borja built the Community Amphitheater or "Amphi", as it came to be known among the locals. Mrs. Esther Causin, a prominent civic leader, said that most of the funds used in building the "Amphi" came from the money generated from the Miss Cagayan de Oro contests.

Amphitheater became the historic icon and famous landmark of Cagayan de Oro City, but around 2010, the City Administration (Jaraula Administration) that time decided to demolished the old Amphitheater to redesigned the stage for the newly re-constructed City Amphitheater which ended into something useless, because the proposed project hasn't been finished and Cagay-anons ended up missing it's beloved historical City Amphitheater.

Around 2019, the current administration of the City has proposed the rehabilitation of the Amphitheater in Divisoria through DPWH as implementing agency, with initial funding of 80 Million pesos.

After 3 years, the CDO Amphitheater finally launched today and has been opened to the public. This project is part of a bigger beautiful development of the City called PROJECT LUNHAW, which will develop the river side as part of the Project Lunhaw: A Climate Resiliency Urban Design Initiative.

Hope the Cagay-anons, especially the younger generations can now experience how we celebrate events and public gatherings in CDO back in the days, like the boxing in the park, amateur singing contests, public forum discussions, religious debate, etc. It is indeed the venue for community, history, arts and culture of Cagayan de oro People.

Check out some photos below for the latest update of the newly-renovated Amphitheater of Cagayan de Oro City. It has now a modern design and improved stage and audience area.

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