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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A Food Lover's Guide to Kauswagan Highway: Where to Eat and Drink?

Are you craving for a delicious meal while cruising down Kauswagan Highway? This 2.5 kilometer stretch is not only known for car companies but also has a lot of food stops to satisfy your cravings. Here is a list of must-try restaurants and cafes along the way.

  1. Cast Restaurant – Indulge in mouthwatering Asian fusion dishes like lechon kawali, wagyu beef, and spicy nutty baby squid. Don't forget to try their famous bone marrow! After your meal, you can enjoy a beer or cocktail at their alfresco area.

  2. Dave's Beanery Cafe – For a cozy and relaxing ambiance, Dave's Beanery Cafe is the perfect spot. They offer hot and cold coffee, juice, pastries, pasta, pizza, and breakfast meals. They're open from 8AM until 9PM daily.

  3. Torogan Kape – Experience the hospitality, culture, and delectable food of the Maranao people at Torogan Kape. Savor Maranao delicacies like Dodol, Browa, Lokatis, Balolon, Apang A Margas, and more while enjoying their hot and cold coffee.

  4. Grill Fry – This restaurant serves grilled seafood, pork, and chicken, along with soups and kinilaw. They have a spacious open-air dining area where you can chill with a cold beer or other beverages. On weekends, they have live performances.

  5. Palochina Restobar & Grill – This place specializes in native Filipino dishes like native chicken, seafood, pork, and beef. They also serve Kabaw Sisig, Sabaw sa Kabaw, Kabaw Halang-halang, and Adobong Kabaw. On weekend nights, you can unwind and enjoy live performances while sipping on cold beer and other alcoholic drinks.

  6. Royal Panda Restaurant – Craving Asian cuisine? Head to Royal Panda Restaurant and indulge in their eat-all-you-can buffet. They're located at NHA Kauswagan Highway, Caltex Station.

  7. Kamtuna – Located above Royal Panda Restaurant, Kamtuna specializes in Papaitan na Kambing, Paklay na Kambing, Tuna Karaage, and Spicy Tuna Nachos.

  8. Chowking NHA Kauswagan – If you're on-the-go, this Chinese fast food restaurant is perfect. They have drive-thru service and a large parking area.

  9. Jollibee NHA Kauswagan – Known for their langhap-sarap meals like Burger, Chicken Joy, and Spaghetti, Jollibee is a Filipino fast-food favorite. They're open 24/7 and also have drive-thru service and a large parking area.

  10. Bon Café at NHotel – Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, Bon Café at NHotel caters to both checked-in hotel guests and walk-in customers. They're open from 7:00AM until 9:00PM daily.

  11. Yellow Cab Pizza – The newly-renovated Shell Station, NHA Kauswagan, is now home to Yellow Cab Pizza. They specialize in New York-style pizza, pasta, and fried chicken.

  12. Krispy Kreme – Also located at the newly-renovated Shell Station, Krispy Kreme offers their famous doughnuts and coffee.

  13. Anne's Bar & Grill: Formerly known as Lei's Chill, Anne's Bar and Grill is a restaurant that serves grilled foods, Silog Meals, Rice Toppings, Grilled Barbeque, Pulutans, cold beers, and alcoholic drinks. They have live band performances on weekend nights and holidays. Anne's Bar & Grill is located at Lino Chan Bldg., in front of Hyundai, Km3 National Highway, Kauswagan, CDO.

  14. McDonald's Kauswagan Highway: McDonald's is a fast-food chain that competes with Jollibee in the area. McDonald's Kauswagan is located near Polymedic Plaza, they also have Drive-thru service and are open 24/7.

  15. Backyard Barbecue: Backyard Barbecue is a simple roadside Texas-style barbecue joint famous for their best-selling BBQ burgers. They offer single, double, and triple patty burgers, depending on how hungry you are. Backyard Barbecue is located right next to the Subaru CDO Showroom Building, NHA Kauswagan Highway, CDO.

  16. Demetrio's Pizza: Demetrio's Pizza is known for its delicious Spinachi Pizza. They have 3 branches in CDO - Demetrio’s Pueblo Uptown CDO, 1 in City Proper Demetrio’s Viajero, and 1 on Kauswagan Highway. You can also order their pizza online at

  17. Quick Drive Drive-Thru & Take Out Center: is a food park that offers Pick-up/curbside, Delivery, and Take-out services. They have a huge parking area and alfresco dining area, making it a convenient place for people who want to dine and go. Quick Drive Drive-Thru & Take Out Center has lots of food kiosks to choose from, including: 

    Chef's Sizzling Hotplate: Famous for its Sizzling Roasted Beef/Roasted pork by Chef Raul.

    BrgyTuna: Offers Grilled Tuna Belly, tinola, and Tuna Nuggets/Pansit, which are well-recommended.

    KK Chicken: Serves Korean Fried Chicken Korean style and ramyun.

    Kapka: Known for their signature Pad Thai-Shrimp/Chicken paired with VietKoffee Hot ☕or Iced.

    Cabuburger: Offers Premium Beef burgers.

    Nineofour: Famous for its Laksa and Chicken Hananese by Chef Shakilah.

    Jionopizza: CDO's 1st Wood fire pizza.

    Joukos: Serves Peri2x Chicken and Fish & chips.

    Clarkies: Satisfies your sweet cravings with Ice Shave ice cream and fruit Shakes.

    Healthsarap: Offers Calamansi Juice, Vegetable salad, and fried meals.

So the next time you're in the area and need to satisfy your cravings, try these food stops along Kauswagan Highway. From Chinese to Filipino to American-style fast food, and from pizza to barbecue to Thai and Korean cuisine, Kauswagan Highway has a wide variety of options to choose from. Whatever your taste buds are craving, you're sure to find something delicious to enjoy on this food journey. Bon appétit!

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