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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Former President Duterte and Senator Christopher Lawrence Go Declared as Cagayan de Oro’s “Adopted Sons”

The city government of Cagayan de Oro recognized the valuable contributions of former President Rodrigo Duterte and incumbent Senator Christopher Lawrence Go to the country and the city. In a ceremony held on March 23 at a local hotel, the city government declared Duterte and Go as its “adopted sons.”

The event was attended by several local officials, executives from regional government offices, and dignitaries from the local business sector, highlighting the importance of the recognition.

Recognition for Senator Christopher Lawrence Go

During the ceremony, City Councilor Joyleen Mercedes Balaba read the resolution, numbered 14480-2023, which declared Senator Go as the city’s “adopted son.” The resolution was approved by the 20th City Council during its regular session on February 13.

The resolution cited Go’s invaluable support for the City Government’s programs and projects that aimed to provide quality health services to the city’s poor constituents. Go facilitated the establishment of two Super Health Centers in Barangays Balubal and San Simon, as well as the construction of four more health centers in the city.

In addition, Go was actively involved in the distribution of financial assistance to affected families during the pandemic. He also called for the government to increase its capacity to test, trace, and treat COVID-19 cases. Furthermore, the senator was instrumental in the construction of two Malasakit Centers in the city, which cater mostly to poor patients. These centers are located at the government-run Northern Mindanao Medical Center and the city government-operated JR Borja General Hospital.

Recognition for Former President Rodrigo Duterte

The resolution, numbered 14479-2023, declared former President Duterte as Cagayan de Oro’s “adopted son.” Duterte was recognized for the several infrastructure projects he implemented during his six-year term under the “Build Build Build” program and for his campaign against illegal drugs.

Duterte’s aggressive campaign to eradicate the proliferation and usage of illegal drugs in the country resulted in the capture of drug syndicates and the rehabilitation of drug addicts. His efforts led to a significant decrease in crime, which was particularly noticeable in Cagayan de Oro City.

The plaques were handed out to Duterte and Go by Mayor Rolando Uy, recognizing their significant contributions to the city.

Senator Go and Former President Duterte’s Acceptance Speeches

In his speech, Senator Go reiterated his commitment to serving the people even during his personal time, as his slogan “ang tanging bisyo ay magserbisyo” (my only vice is to serve) suggests.

Former President Duterte, on the other hand, humbly stated that he was just doing his job as an elected public servant and was not keen on accepting adulations.

The recognition of former President Duterte and Senator Christopher Lawrence Go as the city’s “adopted sons” shows how much the local government values their contributions to the country and the city. The infrastructure projects, anti-illegal drug campaign, and efforts to provide quality health services to the poor have made a significant impact on the city’s development.

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